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Dove Family Approved: Saving Faith Movie Review

I was sent  copy for feature

Dove Family Approved: Saving Faith Movie Review

Lionsgate Films Movie Review: Saving Faith

On September 18, 2018 the DVD, Digital and On Demand feature, Saving Faith debuted! The first thing you will notice is that this movie is loaded with starts you know. The guest stars are Vince Gill, Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. Are your feet tapping now? The cast is great too and some familiars such as Donny Richmond, Jenn Gotzon, Jim Chandler and Henry Cho to name a few.

Faith (Jenn Gotzon) owns a struggling theater in a small town. She is feeling hopeless about its future until her Uncle makes a few calls to some well-known friends. His thoughts are that a successful concert of stars may be what the theater needs to survive. The wrench? A local developer decides to sabotage the concert and he has a good fight. The concert needs to be enough or she will lose her business!

The movie is surely predictable when you read the synopsis. But, like Lionsgate does with all of its movies, there is enough emotion and great casts members who really keep you engaged and hopeful as you watch and live the story with the actors. It’s why we love these feel-good movies. All of the goods and family-friendly scripting makes it a great family movie night with a bunch of inspiration and hope to spare for everyone in the family.

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