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DMoose Fitness Core and Resistance Equipment

DMoose Fitness Core and Resistance Equipment

Having a home gym is the difference between throwing away my money into a fitness center and to keep moving whenever I want. It has been several months of growing my gym before I had all I was in need of for the workouts I enjoy most. I love strength training and hate cardio. I know, we all need cardio but I really do dread it. However, I do have a treadmill I will use to get steps in when I need. I would much rather strength train with equipment and get my cardio in with nature on hikes.

I added a few new fitness core and resistance equipment from DMoose into my home gym and it allows me to elevate my workouts. From pilates to basic strength training, the right equipment can enhance any move to keep me challenged and to grow in strength.

The Fabric Resistance Bands are much more rigid than my standard bands. In fact, I was down to only using my heavy and extra heavy rubber bands as I out grew the light and medium resistance in my routines. I needed more so I can use these heavier bands in some lower body routines. These fabric bands allows for a more comfortable band and they are longer so they work better in stretching after long workouts. The fabric also helps with slipping and skin burns that other band materials have given me.

I also have this DMoose Ab Mat for Core Stability & Strengthening Workouts. This allows me to elevate simple floor core moves and even to protect my lower back when working hard. The outer layer is a foam with a 30-degree arch, made to support my spine. I do get lower bak pain after some core and back workouts so this is exactly what I need to protect myself from the pain associated with these strength workouts. I can modify while doing yoga and pilate moves and limit the pain.

DMoose has equipment you need to complete your home gym, elevate weight and strength training and protect your body while working out. You can even find equipment for boxing and MMA style workouts. I have always wanted to take up boxing and kick boxing as an exercise at home. Head on over and see all of the fitness equipment, tips and blog posts DMoose has to offer for your 024 health goals!

I was provided the above products for review purposes. Opinions are 100% my own

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