Discover Holiday Magic With Mr. Christmas as they turn 90 years old

From indoor Christmas decor to outdoor displays, Mr. Christmas is still bringing you the vintage and animated decor you are in need of. I have such a mix of modern and classic decor around my home and one of my favorite ways to display the classics are outdoors and in my village inside. Mr. Christmas turns 90 years old this year!

Shopping by collection is simple. For instance, click on Candles and you will find these 24″ outdoor battery-operated blow mold candles. They have the glitter and classic vibe I love acting like posts at the foot of my front walkway. The flame even flickers!

One thing that you can do with decor is gift it. My Mom has always gifted us a piece of Holiday decor at Thanksgiving. This has helped me build my own home displays over the year. The gifts at Mr. Christmas are timeless such as vintage houses and figurines. Shop Mr. Christmas today to keep building your Holiday decor collections.

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