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Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation with Weighted Blankets Keeps Monsters Away

Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation with Weighted Blankets Keeps Monsters Away

We know that monsters are not real, but try telling a child that at night after a nightmare. The insecurities of bedtimes are such a big emotion to a small child, especially with night terrors or nightmares. The good news is there is a tool parents can use with their children to help keep the monsters away. Weighted blankets! And Moxie Blankets offers the perfect weights and colors for children along with their Monster Protection Academy.

No other weighted blanket brand that I have found offers children with bedtime anxieties a certified weighted MPA (Monster Protection Academy) Blanket, No More Monsters Book and a Monster Protection Academy Certificate in one bedtime bundle. The reason why these weighted blankets work to ease bedtime anxieties is because of Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. DPS is firm but gentle pressure that relaxes the nervous system. This allows one blanket to cover the body in a gentle weight that surrounds the entire body in a layer of calmness and security.

For adults, these weighted blankets can offer so much more than calmness, as they can help with Restless Leg Syndrome and many adults with insomnia have found better sleep under a weighted blanket. Allow your kids to stay cozy and protected in the comfort of their own beds while keeping monsters away under their MPA 5 or 7 pound weighted blanket. Visit MoxieBlankets.com for your own weighted blanket as well as for your child.

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