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Day Passes Now Available at Great Wolf Lodge

If there is one place Anthony loves most here in the Seattle area, it is Great Wolf Lodge (Grand Mound, Wa). This past May you may remember my posting about spending Anthony’s birthday at Great Wolf Lodge (see that post here). He asked this year to forgo presents and a big party and bring a few friends to GWL for an experience instead. He has never regretted that decision. He even now talks his cousins into asking for an ‘experience’ instead of gifts because he promises them it’s “better than any toy or game”.

I wanted to take this post to announce that Great Wolf Lodge now has Day Passes!

We took our day passes and treated my nephews (ages 5, 9, 13) to the experience of Great Wolf Lodge for their first time along with Anthony (age 11). I brought my Mom along and she is hooked! No doubt that we decided that because all 4 boys have birthdays fairly close to each other that doing spring birthdays here going forward is a must! These boys were hooked! My nephew turns 10 at the end of this month and is so excited to find a way to get back here to stay!

With the day pass you get all access as you would normally if staying the night minus a room. You can eat at their restaurants, visit the other activities (extra charges apply as usual), attend story time and more. We did have ropes course passes but with the rain we had that day, we could not visit so we will update you later on that experience.

In the Wa. location near us, the water park hours were 10am to 8pm. Check in at that time of morning is a breeze and we were in the water by 10:30. The lines were low too at that time so I am glad we made a point to get there right at opening hours.

They were worn out and water logged by 4pm, so we got dressed and played some arcade for a but upstairs. Grandma bought them each a play card and they had some fun there.

Spending the night can cost you on average about $300 a night, but remember that is for up to 6 people to enjoy the water park and stay. You can bring your own food (to your room when you stay). It is well worth it. If you stay the night you get great value buying Wolf, Pup or Paw Passes if the kids plan to utilize the indoor activities.

If you are going for the day, I would weight how much stimulation you want the kids to have. It is a lot of great activities for the value on those passes, but if only going the day, it is hard to pull those kids out of the water when they know they will not be staying.

We spent so much more time in the water with the day pass then we ever do staying the night with play passes. So, if you have been before and plan to come back for only the day plan to get there early, score a table and keep it all day.

Another fun tip if trying to enjoy Great Wolf Lodge and save is that at the cafe in the water park, we spent about $20 on 2 Family Fries and a bag of chips and salsa and it was a lot of food! We had leftovers to throw out after feeding 4 hungry boys, my Mom and I. Kids meals are about $9 each and that would have added up with 4 boys (2 of which are teens). We also brought packaged snacks and gatorade bottles from home for them. Great Wolf Lodge is really good about allowing you to eat your own snacks so that you can spend your dollars on the fun instead if need be.

Enjoy the day and be in your own bed by night at Great Wolf Lodge!

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