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Dawg Butter is peanut butter specifically designed for dogs

Dawg Butter is peanut butter specifically designed for dogs

If your dogs are like mine, they LOVE peanut butter. It is this condiment that makes medicine easier to give them and treat time much sweeter. But, it’s that word ‘sweet’ that is harmful. Regular peanut butter has sugars, salt, partially hydrogenated oils and mass produced with other ingredients that are not meant for our pups. Dawg Butter is made for the dogs! They get the peanut butter they love with ingredients we want for them.

Dawg Butter comes in other flavors like pumpkin and berry flavors. Our girls love the regular flavor and were hovering around the jar before I even opened it. This jar just has peanuts and honey and that is it! Clean ingredients without the sugars and added salt.

Once your jar of Dawg Butter arrives, you can use it as a treat, kong filler, use on a lick mat for distraction, to hide pills and even in recipes. It makes a great gift for new dog owners and for dogs in training where food is allowed as a training tool. Visit the Paw Power Nutrition website to learn more and order your Dawg Butter today!

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Johanna Casiddy

Amazing post
I love Dawg Butter! It’s a great treat for my dogs and makes things easier for me since I don’t have to worry about the added sugars and salt. Plus, the flavor is great.