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Dave Ramsey’s Act Your Wage Board Game #HolidayGuftGuide

This is a promotional post for Dave Ramsey products

Almost all teens and adults love board games. They are great ways to get together with friends and family and pass the time in an engaging way. Whether you are looking for a fun game to play with friends in a fun, real-world game or a parent wanting a fun way to teach financial lessons to your older children Act Your Wage is a fun choice. We all know Dave Ramsey as the no-nonsense, common sense money guy! 
My sister and brother-in-law are always promoting how the Dave Ramsey lessons have helped them as newlyweds also newly graduated from college. Student loans, wedding, rent and career finding takes a toll on a couple in their young 20’s. Dave Ramsey has been such a constant in their lives. Just this summer, my husband and I became debt free after 10 years together-me coming from a domestically violent relationship with a lot of credit abuse in my name and my husband having just divorced, we had so many different loans and monthly dues. I was now able to be a SAHM and only work part time at the school district so I don’t need daycare and I work only because I’m bored at home. If we can do it, you can too! Dave Ramsey was our guide and as my sister watched us get there, she grew to follow his advice and program as well. The game is a fun bonus! It is such a fun way to start that conversation and way of thinking while having a blast in the process. We never looked at paying off debt as a chore; to us it was always a celebration!

Playing Act Your Wage

The object of the game is to end up debt free. Some of the tasks and situations you find within the game are gaining incomes and paying debts, loans and taxes. It uses the ‘envelope system’ as you move around the board spending, saving and planning ahead with your money as you would in everyday situations. You have to pay rent every time you pass the rent space . The Save cards gives you money from the bank, not players. 
There a few tricks like the ‘stupid tax’ you want to avoid. It is a great all-inclusive debt and save game to play as you teach the value of money and saving as well as planning ahead with your older children. 
Act Your Wage makes a fun holiday gift!
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