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Daring Contest – Family Edition is a great holiday gift for families

Daring Contest - Family Edition is a great holiday gift for families

From the creators of Unstable Unicorns with Unstable Games, is a card game for the entire family. There are 2 versions of Daring Contest – the standard (adult) version and the Family Edition. Think Truth or Dare minus the truth. These are cards of dares and you decide the level of commitment you want to the types of contests it asks. The more difficult, the more points you get.

Daring Contest: Family Edition is for ages 12+ and you want at least 4 players. Inside you get 120 cards and the rule book. You will need an outgoing group as this game is not for the shy ones!

There are 3 types of cards – player cards, modifier cards and penalty card. Each player starts with 5 cards. the gist is you have 1 judge and players choose their favorite card in their hand. The judge chooses of the players cards to be the contest activity. Impress and earn points, disappoint and get penalized. The penalty cards are for those who disappoint and the modifier cards are played each round and adds to the instruction of the player card picked. The game ends after 10 rounds and the player with the most points wins.

Daring Contest and other Unstable Games are available on Amazon at the Tee Turtle store!

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