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Customize your own protein shake with True Nutrition

Customize your own protein shake with True Nutrition

I have tried just about every fad and exercise program there is. The past year I have (finally) settled into a food and exercise regimen that works for me and I stay motivated with it. It started by buying my Peloton bike. I was so intrigued at results I saw in friends and family who had one, we took the bait. It then led me to be inspired within their app to add strength training and join FB groups with other members. Then I was inspired to take my storage room and transform it into my home gym. That was when motivation kicked into overdrive. I had a ME space. It was a space I painted, decorated, collected items for and made into a cozy spot to do cycling, strength, yoga or anything else I choose to do for my health in MY (and husbands) room.

Of course after all the effort into exercise, I am naturally inspired to count calories and macros. I learned what foods were working for or against me by listing them in apps. Then I was watching videos to get back into intermittent fasting as I had tried it in the past and remember it being easy for me. I discovered some YouTube stars on this topic of healthy eating and watched all their videos. I was learning how to do IF, how to properly start and break fasts, how to read nutrition labels and how to shop smart and not be fooled by branding so I was truly buying the healthiest ingredients.

I add a routine everyday in my home gym and I eat between 11-7. Typically it is more like 11:15-6:30 or so and that’s even better. I learned that in order to lower my cortisol that is very high at the end of my fast I can add cinnamon to my morning coffee which is great because I prefer flavor in my coffee. There is something in cinnamon that raises insulin without high sugar/carb foods and that helps lower cortisol. Now I am entering my fast with a level best for meals.

I know that I should never break a fast with carbs/sugar especially after my cinnamon coffee so I break it with a pea protein shake with a nut milk (I use almond milk). Then 1 hour later I eat a balanced meal with more protein, veggies like eggs with veggies and a piece of toasted Ezekiel muffin or bread and butter or peanut butter. Later, I eat a good snack or on high intensity workout days have a True Nutrition Whey Protein shake. Then dinner is meat, veggies and a small starch. I love a treat after dinner some nights and will have Lilly’s chocolate or some other guilt-free treat. I also LOVE Nunbelievable cookies, these are so delicious.

So, why True Nutrition? It not only tastes great but the ingredients are clean and sweetened with stevia. I use this as my whey protein on heavy workout days when I want whey and they also have a pea protein option as well for meal replacements. True Nutrition allows me to customize my shake!

I can choose a size, then a flavor and as I choose flavors, a little box appears giving me all the ingredients and macros so I choose a flavor that fits my ingredient desires. Then I can add any boosts if I want or even mix flavors – like add vanilla with strawberry or mint chocolate with chocolate to make that mint subtle. There are over 30 flavors to choose from. Then choose your boost and there are about 12 to choose from such as BCAA’s, probiotic and more. Last you can choose a resealable pouch or jug for storage. This means you build exactly what you need!

You can even browse their pre-selected blends to make it quick and easy. It is very simple to build your mix and their website guides you from start to finish. Start building your powder today. I was sent True Nutrition’s Whey Protein shakes in French Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge Brownie (no additions/supplements added) in the EZ seal pouch. Visit True Nutrition and get started.

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