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Cushion support for your back and feet from Cushion Lab

Cushion support for your back and feet from Cushion Lab
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The difference in a good sleep and waking up in pain and stiff is my pillow choice. Just sitting or lying in an unnatural position can effect the comfort of many body parts from your neck, shoulders, back and hips. Finding the right pillow that offers cushion support and comfort is a tool to help keep sore or injured muscles a bit more pain-free.

Cushion Lab offers comfort-inducing products you will love. Their Bamboo Sateen+ Sheet Set offers a naturally cool comfort while maintaining moisture so you stay dry, cool, and odor-free as you sleep.

If cushions are your desire, the Cushion Lab Pressure Relief (Ergonomic) Seat Cushion is a memory foam, contoured cushion you sit on to relieve hip pressure and improve your posture. No matter what pillow, cushion or sleep product you need, Cushion Lab offers quality and functional products.

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