Create more moments of connection together with Kinder

When choosing a brand for certain products, I am always intrigued with those that use their products in a way that gives back or has something meaningful to offer. You know Kinder as milk chocolate with a creamy milky filling that we all love. Did you know that they offer fun ideas for play and ways to help parents & kids share simple moments with each other?

Recently, Kinder sent out Kinder Kid Flag mailers to connect parents and kids to encourage creativity as they make a flag to share on social media? This is one of a few play ideas and crafts they share to their fans. As we enter Holiday break and things get busy around the house, we need to remember to stop and enjoy our families. Crafts and games is a great way to connect.

Consider Kinder for stocking stuffers and party treats this season and while you are looking for family fun ideas, visit the Kinder website for links and ideas.

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Crafts and games offer a perfect way to do just that, allowing families to slow down and cherish the moments they spend together.

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To help families slow down and treasure the time they spend together, crafts and games provide the ideal solution.


This strategy not only enhances brand loyalty among consumers but also fosters positive associations with the Kinder brand. Parents appreciate the drift hunters emphasis on quality family time, while kids enjoy the excitement of discovering surprises within their chocolate treats.