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Crayola Signature Products for Young Artists

When you hear the name, Crayola, what comes to mind? It it a yellow box of crayons or a sleeve of colored pencils on the school supply list every year?

Crayola is not only coloring crayons and color books, it is about collections of products for budding old and young Artists. The older kids and adults will love the Crayola Signature products. Perfect for enthusiasts, crafters and hobbyists alike, the markers, colored sticks, paints and kits in this new line are designed for amazing results.

The Crayola Pearlescent Paint Markers are fantastic for adding a pearl finish to artwork. It comes in a decorative tin with 9 Pearlescent Permanent Markers and 1 Iridescent Marker.

The paint markers work great on glass, plastic, wood, terra cotta, canvas, and metal. They dry real quick and resists fading, smearing, and water. Once you draw (paint) you get an instant finish you will love and that lasts!

There is also another great project from the Crayola Signature line called the DIY Gallery Designer. I am 42 years old and excited for this set of 30 pieces including pearlescent and emossed paper sheets, origami sheets, paint markers and sticks.

With the DIY Gallery Designer you can add inspirational quotes or mantras to your gallery wall with the paint markers and perfect paper to match. The projects will last and resist to fading and smearing.

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