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Countdown your special events in 2023 with Funko Advent Calendars

Countdown your special events in 2023 with FUNKO Advent Calendars

When you hear of advent calendars, you may think of 24 days before Christmas. Now, when I hear advent calendars, I just think countdown to excitement and special memories to be made. With the Funko’s The Office advent calendar, my teen thinks of collectibles! This is because Christmas is not the only fun event we count down to in the year.

The grandkids may countdown to Grandparent visits or kids want to countdown their birthdays. Teens want to countdown to age 16 or graduation day. Because Funko has advent calendars that are not Santa chocolates, you can use them all year round. Send one to family before they come visit you or enter retirement. Like all of the occasions I mentioned, these calendars make the anticipation that much more fun.

Each day, open the door to a mini Funko collectible relatable to its feature. Any guesses what we will open with The Office on the last day? My bets are on, Belsnickel!

Know anyone with a special event in 2023 who loves The Offie, Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter (to name a few)? Send them a Funko countdown in advance!

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