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Cotton wick candles from Sea Witch Botanicals

Cotton wick candles from Sea Witch Botanicals

To begin, Sea Witch Botanicals began in a city I called home for a few years – Bellingham, Wa. This town is surrounded by water and home to many commercial fishing boaters. If you live up North in Wa state, you love the water! The main mission behind this brand is to create products that are sustainable and will not harm the planet in any way. From the scents to the cotton wicks, you are buying a sustainable gift such as the candle I have called, Herbal Renewal Candle.

The glass jar is reusable after your cotton wick candles burn down. The wick is cotton which has been known to reduce carbon build up while burning. The candles are made of soy wax and rice bran oil and scented with pure, plant-based essential oils.

This candle makes a great gift and a stylish addition to the coffee table long after it burns out. Sea Witch Botanicals also has incense, home goods and vegan skincare products. Visit the Sea Witch Botanicals shop today and through the Holidays.

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