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Cori Traveller – Modular Memory Foam Pillow

When you travel often you begin to stack up on travel stories. One of my uncomfortable moments was my Seattle to NYC flight and for over 6 hours I was in a middle seat with my young son on one side of me and on the aisle seat was a women that as soon as she boarded, grabbed a blanket and curled up-feet on seat and knees in my space and slept. I lost any ability to face or lean on my left side so I had to sit straight or find comfort on my right side which is my sore knee and hip. It was a long and (bottom) numbing flight. I had no neck pillow! I bought one in NYC for my trip back!

Travel pillow

I had found a standard neck pillow and on my flight home and could not get it to stay supportive. It had these beans in it that kept sinking and shifting and would not hold my neck as it would slowly flatten. It helped, but I realized I need a better one before next trip. Amazon had some with great reviews and I bought a memory foam standard pillow. It was great until I wanted to lean my head one side or the other then it was too firm. Finally, I was introduced to the Cori Travelerr.

pillow for neck

My Cori Travelerr Modular Memory Foam Pillow is a genius neck/head support pillow every traveler should own. It did take a few moments to play with positioning, but once I found that right combination I had no discomfort.

Actually, I lied. I did have some discomfort because my son wanted to sleep on our recent flight to Los Angeles so he stole my Cori pillow. He set it up for a back/neck rest and watched a movie the rest of the flight.

The cushions are so soft and comfy and you get to arrange them how you want. It all folds up inside the included travel pouch. It comes in many colors and covers remove for washing.

I highly recommend you travel with the Cori Travelerr for better sleep and head support. Also available on Amazon.

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