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Do You Need a Cool Sleep? Beat The Sleep Heat – Giveaway

Thank you to PureCare for sending product for feature. Opinions and story idea are my own

Do You Need a Cool Sleep? Beat The Sleep Heat

Do you need a cool sleep? of course you do in this summer heat. In fact you should be sleeping in the temperature range of 60-67 degrees (according to PureCare Blog) for your body to hit that deep REM sleep. Too hot or too cold does not allow the body to rest. That can be hard to do in high temps especially if you only have fans to rely on for home cooling. There are some tips and small investments you can make to help you get the proper sleep you may crave.


Bedding is the key! Even if our home is freezing in the winter and unbearable in the summer, proper bedding will aid your body in regulating its own temperature. Let’s talk about beating the heat. For the winter you can do these same tips in reverse, as in products made to raise your body temp. Heating up is easier to do with simple tips where cooling down is a bit trickier.

Our quick hotel story

We are in a hotel for the next 3 weeks while we are waiting for our home build to complete. About a week ago I was sent SUB-0º pillows by PureCare to inspire me to write this post. With the heat high and no A/C my husband and I do a little happy sigh when our heads hit that cool gel at bedtime. I took my SUB-0º Gel-gant Pillow with me to the hotel for these few weeks because I always find it hard to control hotel A/C units.

On night 2 I head to bed and can’t find my pillow then I see what my son fell asleep on-only he is sleeping on it turned around (head is not on the gel side). He is dead asleep so I sneak to switch him pillows and in a grunt says “No! I want the cold pillow!” (but you are sleeping on it upside down) “Huh? What? I thought it wasn’t working right…” Needless to say I just left him like that and took the boring “hotter pillows” as my son likes to say now. I’ll be browsing the kids pillows at PureCare now, I suppose.

How can you beat the heat?

So let me know which pillow you can’t wait to try for a cooler nights sleep! I can tell you these will make all the difference because I have done it, one-by-one, for my entire family using holiday and birthday gifting to switch to cooler bedding so we all get the healthy sleep we need. If you choose to invest in one thing this year for your health, you will not regret investing in bedding and pillows for the heat (or cold). Put some of these options on gift wish lists for you family to get you too!

[bctt tweet=”It’s a @PureCare_Kayla #giveaway. 2 winners can choose any PureCare SUB-0º pillow” username=”3sonshavei”]

The Giveaway

Want to win one of the SUB-0º pillows I list above? 2 lucky readers will win aSUB-0º pillow of your choice! Enter below. Open to US and ends on 7/20. Good luck!

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Jacquelyn Cannon

I like the PureCare Plush selection.


Great article. For me having a cooling bedding and gel pillow did the trick and greatly improved the quality of sleep during hot nights.

therapeutica pillow review

Best article for me. thank you for sharing your idea.