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Control your child’s online time and schedule with the OurPact App

I’m excited to introduce you today to a wonderfully helpful app, Ourpact. All opinions are my own.

iOS OurPact Parental Control App
Apple users, you now have control over your child’s schedule and online time from the palm of your hands. OurPact is an iOS app for your iPad or iPhone that allows you to set times you want your child on or off the apple device. It is an app that when turned on will become your phone’s manager and give each child their own screen to play within and time limits that you set. My son is 6 and his favorite times to jump on our devices is waiting for school in the mornings and before bed. I can now set for his timer to go off so that he can stop playing and have the time he needs to gather last minute items so we are ready to head out the door for school in time. No more fights that by the time they end, he is mad cause he is now grounded and we are running late! I can do the same so he has to end in time for teeth brushing and reading before his bedtime. He is in his own screen on my phone and only has access to the apps or third party systems I choose.

From the main screen for My Family, I can add children so they each have their own schedules. Creating a schedule that is recurring or customized for each day is as simple as clicking on Schedule to Block! Clicking Grant Access allows your child back on as you set and Block Access kicks them off as you set and you can control and block from your device while they are on a separate device so long as the iOS app is downloaded and paired between the two.
You can customize each child’s page with photos and individual schedules. The older siblings may need extra time for homework or because their privileges are different than the younger siblings so being able to control each child individually allows for easy scheduling.

Granting and blocking access is more than a green toggle. You can name the schedules so your child is clear on why it is time to get off. Being blocked by the schedule named ‘Bedtime’ can help train your child to turn off the device and head to the bathroom to brush their teeth making bed time preparation a bit more manageable. 

About Allowances

When your child is on the device, there are a few notes that may make managing their time more clear and defined. For each child’s allowance you are controlling the times allotted for them to be online. An allowance will not over ride a set blocked time. You would need to change the blocked time to fit in a allowed time. Perhaps your child is allowed 2 hours a day and you say they can be online from 7am-9am and 7pm-8pm. The 2 hours start when they are ‘live’ on the device and can stop and start anytime in those allowed slots until their 2 hours is up. So after 9am they are not allowed to continue until the 7pm next opening and the time will flow over until 8pm and reset to 2 hours again at midnight. You can turn off and on the ‘Allowance’ setting in each child’s schedule and set your online parameters for each day of the week. 

So set your block times and set your allowed times and check the top of your ‘Allowance’ screen for their days status. This makes a great tool for rewards. Perhaps they turned off without a fuss and grabbed their shoes and backpack and are ready for school on time after ending their device time! That could be a fun way to encourage responsibility by now adding an extra 10 minutes or so to the days allowance. Using OurPact as a reward system is a lot of fun and if the older child needs extra time for a school assignment or online research, just jump in and adjust the schedule. It is easy, simply designed and when you need OurPact to stop managing the device, just head to your settings and ask it to stop managing. Now you have your original home screen back.

Learn more about how to start managing your child’s online time today at

Download the app from this link:
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I control my child’s online time with Kidslox ( I let him play games only two hours a day, but he can play longer on weekends. This app is great. Also, if my son does not do his chores, I can adjust his daily limit.