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Congo Organic Dark Chocolate from Costa Rica

Congo Organic Dark Chocolate from Costa Rica

Congo Tropicals, a South Florida-based company brings tropical produce delivered from Central America to your door! Tis includes coffee and dark chocolate made in Costa Rica. There are many benefits of eating dark chocolate such as it might reduce the risk of heat disease, help raising HDL cholesterol and protecting your LDL levels and even managing stress. Making sure your dark chocolate is at least 70% dark and from a clean source (like organic cocoa beans) enhances these benefits.

organic dark chocolate

The Congo Tropicals Organic Dark Chocolate is made from the finest cacao beans in Costa Rica. It is a perfect balance of bitter and sweet in a delicious snack.

When you visit the Congo Tropicals website, you will find that you can even find fresh fruits such as plantains and dragon fruit that will arrive to you. Take a look and start planning a unique Valentines (or Galentines) meal!

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Gilliam Brett

I really like eating chocolate, I may have to learn how to prepare this dinosaur game chocolate.


Dark chocolate is good for health. I like eating it in diet time mapquest driving directions. It supports my diet process.