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Comfort Food Bone Broth Cups from Nona Lim

I was sent samples for feature

Comfort Food Bone Broth Cups from Nona Lim

One of my favorite things to try and bring to your attention are foods that are natural and clean. I was contacted about being sent a package from Nona Lim and I accepted so now how can I get my readers excited about broth? Nona Lim is convenient and there are not any artificial ingredients, but it is ‘soup’ you drink. Then we had one long night with my son and once our ordeal ended, broth was just what the Dr. ordered.

Anthony is 10 now and in the 5th grade. About 2 years ago he experienced his first up-all-night painful gas pain. Off and on since then constipation became too frequent and it always came with painful cramping. Blood tests and scans did not point to anything conclusive, but he has always had large stools (bare with me here) and sometimes he doesn’t go duty for so long and those intestines hold so much he actually cuts off that part of sensation that tells him he has to go. It’s like one painful domino effect and when you pair it with sports season and not drinking enough water we have pains.

He had no incidents all summer, but mild indigestion until the other night and this time he was in the worst pain I had seen. It lasted hours and never comes with fever or vomiting so it was gasx, advil and laxatives then bed and heat. He finally was so exhausted from pain he fell asleep and woke up better, but still no stool.

He was starved and I was afraid to have him eat until I saw him use the bathroom then he reminded me there are broths that came. This chid loves soup and is a huge Teriyaki restaurant and sushi lover! He asked if any of these are like the miso soup he loves. I felt like the Vietnamese Pho Beef would be a hit and it was! 90 seconds in the microwave and he was downing this clean, non-inflammatory food option. The best part is that the liquid diet adds hydration to his body.

We had his Dr. appointment I made hours later and Anthony excitedly explained about these bone broths in a cup he had and it was very intriguing to her. I have learned that drinking bone broth is excellent for digestive health, reduces inflammation such as his hurting digestive tract as well as post exercise inflammation. Bone broth also supports immunity, metabolic functions and joint health.


More about Nona Lim

Nona Lim has these heat & sip bone broths as well as noodle soups. They use organic and grass-fed beef bones, and organic chicken bones which have NO hormones or antibiotics. Of the many flavors the Shiitake Beef, Ginseng Chicken and Tumeric Chicken meet all Whole30 standards. In addition, they are also keto diet and paleo-friendly!

You store the bone broth on the fridge until ready to heat. Simply microwave for 90 seconds.

Founder and CEO, Nona Lin  is a former professional athlete and started the brand to offer clean, Asian-inspired foods to fuel a healthy and active lifestyle.

I encourage you to visit the Nona Lim shop and order yourself a set to have on hand. The fall and back to school time brings on more active families and germs. Having a bone broth ready that is this convenient is not easy to find so order it now and be well stocked! Some bulk sized Nona Lim products are available on Amazon!

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