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Codi the Educational Robot for Kids

Codi the Educational Robot for Kids

Looking for screen-free, educational toys? They are hard to find these days. Codi the educational robot is an educational robot that plays songs, tells stories, teaches habits, sends messages and answers questions. Also, Codi helps put your kids to bed at night and at nap time!

codi robot

Below is a video showing all of his best features and how when you load the free Codi Parent app you can do so much more. The app is available in Google Play and Apple store. Just download, connect Codi and he will be at his full potential.

Codi comes with a blue and white outfit, but there are more additional outfits you can buy separately to personalize Codi.

codi outfits

I love how customizable Codi is for parents!

  • Control what you want or do not want your child to listen to
  • See what your child has been playing
  • Set volume controls
  • Set guided routines when it’s time to clean up, brush their teeth, etc.

See more about Codi on the Pillar website and he is also available from Amazon.

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