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Are You Cleaning Your Carpets Properly?

I have partnered with Arm & Hammer PetFresh for feature

Are You Cleaning Your Carpets Properly?

This year I am hosting my very first Holiday for my husband’s family. We bought a home in August and I now have the space to entertain unlike I have ever had. My SIL hosted Thanksgiving and so I agreed to do Christmas Eve. I work at the local middle school so I am on holiday break and have all week to get my home ready.

Along with buying a new home a few months back we also got a new puppy. Maya is our Whoodle and is hypoallergenic. No shedding and it is so nice because I never sweep dog hair or have it on the couches (unless my oldest Bonus son brings his black lab over). Having a hypoallergenic dog does not mean there is no dog messes on the carpets and chairs. She drags in mud and dirt from outside constantly.

Pet Fresh odor

I have been learning some tips on making sure we enjoy our new puppy but don’t have a home that smells or looks like dog is tracking debris through all that is new and clean in our home.

Are You Cleaning Your Carpets Properly In a House of Pets?

  • Keep fur trimmed Keeping the paw, belly and chin hair trimmed on long-haired dogs and cats will minimize the mud and debris they drag in
  • Keep large mats by the doors Keeping a doormat both inside and outside sliders and doors your pet uses will help get rid of paw debris before they enter further into your home
  • Change Vacuum Bags Don’t wait until the bag is full or overloaded to change. I would change bags every 1-2 months for best performance
  • Change Filters every 3-6 months. Don’t forget to mark a calendar when your change is due or you begin to get the odors as ell as decreased function of your vacuum
  • Bags matter! The bags you choose matter because many will actually assist in the function of your vacuum and provide odor elimination

The bags I have in my vacuum are the Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Odor Eliminating Vacuum Bags. They not only help to keep my vacuum running at optimal performance but offer 2 times extra odor fighting power for real freshness. Many bags just cover up the odors. They even come with scent packets to use so you can enjoy the aroma in your home as you vacuum those pet smells away.

AH pet fresh

Your home smells fresher and  because the Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Dry Carpet Cleaner eliminates pet odors and breaks down stains. 

Where do you find this line? You can head to Walmart and shop Walmart .com as well as other retailers. They are easy to find for all vacuum models.

dog odors

Make sure your guests enjoy the aromas of your dinner cooking or the pine of your holiday tree and wreaths, not your pet!


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Joan Cajic

Never used this product for carpets but looks nice to try since I’ve heard good things about arm & hammer products.


I don’t own a pet but I do feel cleanliness is a necessity in every care. Arm and Hammer provide some great products, we use many of them.

Patricia-Ann Que

great tips and luckily i only have a small portion with carpet 🙂 and ur dog is the cutest!


Thanks for the tip! You would think cleaning carper it just regular but it really isnt especially with pets. I have 2 cats now so this is very helpful!


I need to try this out. Our carpets are a little scary in some areas thanks to the cats!


Although we have hardwood floors, we do have several rugs. I love the idea of using baking soda to help clean and freshen things up. I knew this product could help eliminate odors, but I’d forgotten that it could also combat stains! Thank you so much for sharing this helpful information. Happy holidays!


Maya is a doll! Don’t get me started, I have a golden and there is always, always tons of fur everywhere. I am so particular in making sure everything is clean but could use this help.

Claudia Krusch

I need to get the Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Odor Eliminating Vacuum Bags. I have two medium size dogs with long hair. Their fur gets everywhere. In the winter the wet paws make the carpet stinky.

Jennifer L

I dont have carpret in my home, but friends do and they def struggle cleaning it. I love arm and hammer products. Been using their baking soda in my fridge for years.


I don’t have pets but I really like cleanliness in house. This is a great try for carpets. I never heard this before.


Arm & Hammer is really popular in my country. We have been using this good product.

Corinne and Kirsty

I have carpet all over the floor in my room but I never really thought of actually taking care of it. I should defo I think!


It’s time for us to clean our carpet before the year ends. We actually talked about to have cleaning day today. I love Arm & Hammer brand and we use to clean everything. Thanks for reminder we do have two dogs and this would be perfect cleaning tool we must have.

Ruth I.

I like Arm & Hammer products. They are really effective and work well. This products will be very helpful with pet owners.

Sarah Bailey

When we moved we decided to go completely without carpets as our dog is getting older, sometimes I miss their warmth but I am also glad that I don’t have to worry about the cleaning.

Savannah Pham

I’ve heard good things about Arms&Hammer pet products. Although I don’t have carpet in my home I do use other products from their brand and it works wonders!


I don’t clean my carpets often enough. I really need to look into this because it would benefit me.


I love the Pet Fresh products and just used them today. My dog has been throwing up quite a bit lately (the vet says he’ll be fine) but I’ve been very sensitive to the smell on my carpet, and Resolve wasn’t doing the trick. I can vouch that this product works!!!

Ingrid Rizzolo

Since you agreed to hosting the family for Christmas Eve having clean carpets became of premium importance. Keeping your dog’s fur trimmed and changing your vacuum bags regularly would definitely go along way to keeping your carpet clean