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Clean Your Home Right the First Time with Therapy Clean Plant-based Cleaners

Clean Your Home Right the First Time with Therapy Clean Plant-Based Cleaners

I am the home clean freak. I am the odd-ball who will sit on my couch to relax and notice a muddy paw print on a cushion so the next thing I know I am up wiping my entire couch down. I also have a lot of stainless steel appliances so I try not to fixate on the handprints and smears or I am constantly needing to wipe them down.

I just love nothing more than to relax in a clean, fresh and organized room. With all of the wiping and cleaning, it ids important ai am not leaving harsh chemicals behind. I have discovered Therapy Clean plant-based cleaners and not only do the bottles look modern if I leave them out for easy access, but they work great and with ingredients I feel safe using.

Therapy Clean Stinless Steel

Therapy Clean has a bottle for all of my tasks – stainless steel, wood and cabinets, granite and stone, tub and tile and more. I love the cleaning cloths they come with also that I can color code for tasks so I don’t accidentally take a cloth with wood cleaner to my stainless steel or granite. Bonus – they smell great also!

Therapy Clean plant-based cleaners

These are plant-based cleaners made with non-toxic formulas such as coconut and essential oils. These cleaners work hard to get the job done right the first time. Maintenance cleaning is easy after when you want to spruce up the clean effect and leave those pleasant oils aromas in a room. Cleaning is a dirty job and using Therapy Clean makes it feel better and safe. I love the therapy of clean spaces. Visit the Therapy Clean store on Amazon.

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