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Clean Home? Now Do This Before Guests Arrive!

If you follow, perhaps you have visited the 2019 Spring Cleaning series where I feature some brands who I discuss in spring topics. We discussed cleaning, clean air and home safety. How did you get organized and clean this spring? If you are like me, a home is never truly clean unless it smells clean too! This is why there is one thing I do after I tackle a room in my home and get it organized and wiped down.

I burn my favorite scents! I have essential oil diffusers in a few rooms, but for the best aromas and to get that ‘clean home‘ feeling I burn candles. If you love candles too you know that a Yankee Candle has scents that cover your home with such great smells and they last burn after burn. Now, Yankee Candle is getting personal with their candles for your home or gifting.

You can now design your own candle and they arrive fast and so well done. I chose a candle design with spring colors and put a message because this candle I burn after the house is clean and especially before any guests we may have arrive. I always get compliments when I burn a Yankee Candle. Our friends and family smell it right away when they walk in.

I find pleasant scents like florals or citrus that I know most will find pleasant. This candle choice is my favorite, it is Magnolia & Lily! This is the large, square 2-wick candle.

When you personalize your own candle you choose the candle type (size), message/image, label and scent. Ours reads, “Welcome to our home – Sluka Family”. This is for our guests and I will either set it on the entryway table or on the kitchen island and light around 30 minutes before guests are arriving.

When you are done putting in the elbow grease and organizing work into your home, sit back and relax with your favorite scents from Yankee Candle. Nothing says clean like breathing your favorite scents before the family races through and messes you all up again!

Keep in mind, with Father’s Day and Graduation here these make great gifts! What a fun way to put memories together with your favorite scent and gift!

Design your Yankee Candle

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