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Citrus Naked Energy is a clean pre-workout powder with only Non-GMO ingredients. 

Citrus Naked Energy is a clean pre-workout powder with only Non-GMO ingredients. 

During Covid I took a lot of steps to motivate me to workout at home and stay motivated. We remodeled our spare room to become a home gym, bought a bike and treadmill as well as strength accessories. The walls were painted, motivational wall decor hung and LED lights for that extra effect completed the project. Now I just need the right nutrition and to move by body! I start with Naked Nutrition Citrus clean pre-workout powder.

clean pre-workout powder

Not all foods and supplements are as healthy as the label tries to claim. Knowing how to read nutrition labels and recognize ingredients has helped me make the best decisions in choosing foods and protein products. Why are Naked Nutrition products a great choice? It’s in the label, actually it is what is NOT in the ingredient list. This is clean energy with all non-GMO and clean ingredients. The citrus flavor tastes fantastic!

This Citrus Pre Workout Energy formula is non-GMO, dairy, gluten and soy free making it a vegan product as well. There are 14 ingredients and none of them are artificial. The caffeine used is pure and sourced from 100% organic green coffee beans. They use cane sugar and monk fruit extract to lightly sweeten the product.

Elevate your workouts! A serving size is 2 scoops, but the directions call for 1-2 scoops in any beverage. It is great in just ice water as that is how I consume this about 15-30 minutes before I head into the gym.

Naked Nutrition has many other protein and health supplements to choose from that you can customize. They also just launched two new flavors of their popular vegan protein shake, Naked Shake. They now have chocolate & vanilla in addition to a seasonal hot cocoa flavor and a diverse line of other supplements like Grass Fed Whey Protein & Collagen

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