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CHUM Fruit Bites have the simplest, purest ingredients

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CHUM Fruit Bites have the simplest, purest ingredients

There are fruit snacks and then there are CHUM Fruit Bites. They are like fruit snacks in that they are fruit-flavored but unlike the fruit snacks you know because they are ONLY fruit. Also, despite the fun colors and animal designs they are not just for kids because I can’t get enough of these myself. I love these as a mid-day working snack.

I feel like I should tell you all about these CHUM fruit bites so you know what they are made of but the ingredient lists are literally just fruits. That’s it! 100% wild without the fake stuff!

I can tell you that when you buy CHUM Fruit Bites you are helping them make a difference. They donate 15% profits to Wild Aid, protecting wildlife.

You can find these REAL fruit bites online at the CHUM Fruit Bites shop and on Amazon. Right now they are having a #StaySafe sale and shipping is free on their site!

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Dana Rodriguez

These sound really good. Perfect for snack time!

monique s

I love these are simple and pure and so handy for snacking on the run


Sounds like a great snack! I love that 15% of the profits are donated too.

wendy hutton

those sounds so healthy and delicious

Dorothy J Boucher

These sounds very tasty! I love what they have to offer you and its great that they are being sold on

Sarah L

Good ingredients and very handy to have around.


I love these snacks! So good!


These sound tasty! My son would LOVE the packaging with the animals!

megan allen

I seriously need to get these not just for me but the kiddos! It is very hard to find a snack they will love that is also healthy! Thanks for sharing!