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Choosing The Right Diaper for Your Baby

Nine months of pregnancy, and now the baby is here! One thing that newborns do for sure is to bring change. Your whole daily routine from the minute your little bundle of joy is placed in your arms has to be adjusted.

All though you have prepared your baby’s comfort and arrival for months, bought clothes that fit, got the baby’s room ready, the most crucial thing you have to do actually choose the right diapers. Newborn babies are guaranteed to use diapers all day and night.

The choice of diapers for both the size and age of your baby is very essential. In addition to proper ventilation and absorption, choosing diapers that will fit your baby’s body is very important. Choosing diapers that are either too small or too tight will result in an uncomfortable baby.

If you choose large diapers, then you will have to deal with the problem of leakage. Here are some tips to make choosing the right diaper easy:

Choosing Diapers for Newborns

Compared to toddlers, newborns make less mess because all they are having is breast milk. As the baby grows, so does his or her frequency of urinating and poo because they start to take more fluids.

By day five, diaper change frequency ranges from 2-4; after five days, diaper change for newborns ranges between 7-10 diapers daily. With newborns, you’ll change diapers every 2-3 hours, hence absorbency isn’t a severe issue.

We recommend choosing diapers manufactured and shaped exclusively for newborns. Such diapers have a “U” hole carefully cut on the diaper front to make room for the newborn’s umbilical cord stump.

Choosing Diapers for Six-Month Old Babies

When the baby turns six months, they are ready to start eating solid food. This means – more messy diapers. Hence, at this age, you have to carefully chose the right diaper.

For your six-month baby, choose well-fitting leak-proof diapers. At this age, babies also start to sleep longer at night. Longer sleep translated to wetter diapers. Hence, make sure the diapers you select are designed for overweight use at night. This will also give your baby uninterrupted sleep.

Choosing Diapers for 1-2-Year-Old Babies

During this age-group, babies are very active, so you need to choose diapers with plenty of stretches. The amount of urine and quantity of stool will increase, and so will infection build-up that eventually causes bacteria.

To avoid nappy rashes, you will have to change the diaper more. We don’t recommend living a diaper on your baby on for even a minute after he soils himself. Babies are pretty uncomfortable in soiled diapers.

We recommend using cloth diaper inserts with reusable liners in between the time to make the diaper expense relatively cheaper and comfortable for your baby because then you have to change him every time he passes urine.

Choosing Diapers For 2 Years and Above Babies

At this age, the baby is ready for potty training, so we recommend that you switch them from diapers to pant diapers.

Pant diapers are easy for toddlers to pull down when they need to go to the toilet. They are also easy to teach your kids how to remove their underwear when they need to use the bathroom. They also help hold the stool and pee when they accidentally go to the toilet. Hence switching from diaper to training pants will be more comfortable. 

When Should You Stop Diaper Use for Babies?

In actuality, babies grow and mature differently; hence there is no so-called right time to stop using diapers for your baby. Until your child is ready, you have to keep using diapers.

Although we recommend stopping diaper use habit as early as you possibly can, never pressure your baby to have to do so because it could backfire on you. The best time to consider stopping diaper use is after his third birthday.

It is also not an overnight process for your kid to just say ‘bye’ to diapers. Stopping diaper use is a gradual process that requires reducing usage a step at a time, first during the daytime, and eventually in the night after practical potty training.

In terms of convenience, there is no doubt that disposable diapers are more convenient. Diapers come in handy when you are going for an outing with your baby and during the night. They are also essential when your pain just had painful shots or ill.Visit childmode for more information.

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