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ChocZero’s sugar-free syrup – A Diabetes Story

Recently I shared a whirlwind of a medical story about my own Mother this past winter – all of the details are here. The main idea from her story is to never ignore symptoms , or try to self-diagnose and get your regular check-up results and understand them!

My Mom is back to her (almost) normal self and is learning how to live as a diabetic. My late Grandmother and some Uncles of mine have battled diabetes and are insulin dependent and I am amazed at how far medicine and brands have come to making it easier to manage diabetes. There are scanning devices that void the need for finger pokes for insulin checks and even food brands that offer snacks and meals that taste great without the added sugars a Diabetic has to avoid.

ChocZero is one of these brands offering diabetics and dieters options for foods without the sugars and sugar alcohols and they also offer the lowest of carbs. Have you tried the ChocZero Maple Vanilla sugar-free Syrup?

ChocZero has just revised their ingredients to contain even less carbs than before. Bottles of their syrup proudly display 1g net carb a serving. It is the ONLY syrup on the market without sugar or sugar alcohols! To add, the syrup is also GMO free, low carb, all natural and no preservatives. They use monk fruit to sweeten the syrup and do not add water to dilute the syrup. It is so thick and delicious!

If it is not breakfast time for you, perhaps you need a chocolate treat! The chocolate squares are available in milk and dark chocolate varieties and you really should try the KETO Bark-Yum!

You can buy ChocZero products on their website shop or on Amazon!

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What a great product this is helpful, will recommend this to my aunt who also diagnosed with diabetes. I can say this also good if you are in a diet and maintaining your weight


We need these! Have yet to try ordering from Amazon but maybe this will be the first time


This looks like such a great product! My Dad is diabetic and really misses sweet treats like this!

Crystal Mendez

Yum! I will have to try this brand. We usually use maple syrup or honey. The dark chocolate squares look amazing too!

Mama Maggie's Kitchen

Wow..these are great products. Thank you for sharing this . I will surely endorse this to my friends.


This is the right product for me! I loovee chocolate but need to cut daily calories and sugar intake.


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