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Children’s Holiday Game – Star From Afar

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Children's Holiday Game - Star From Afar

Children’s Holiday Game – Star From Afar

We have become quite familiar with holiday hiding games leading up to Christmas morning with the popularity of Elf on the Shelf. Now we have several choices and all aim to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our families and remind our children about the real meaning of the Holidays. The new children’s Holiday game – Star From Afar is a lot of fun.

It comes with a book-the story of the 3 Wise Men’s journey following the star to newborn Jesus. Then you have a wooden nativity set that match the character illustrations from the book. The nativity gets set up in a special place in the home minus the wise men, Jesus and the star.

The week before Christmas you start a nightly game of hide and seek. You hide the star and in the morning the kids look for it. Once they find where you hid the star they place the 3 Wise Men in that same spot. The Wise Men follow that star everyday and on Christmas morning you ‘hide’ the star on the front of the manger. Now the Wise Men are placed at that manger too along with baby Jesus. The book tells the story so they understand the journey.

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