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Children’s Book: Four is a little Four is a LOT

I was sent a review copy for feature

Children's Book

By: Cheska Komissar
Number Sense is a concept all children will have some difficulty understanding at some point. They will typically ask number questions as they learn this concept such as “Is 10 a lot?” or “Is a week a long time?” The more prepared with tools such as games and books, the easier it may be to teach this concept so they can relate time and numbers.

Four is a little Four is a LOT contains 4 girls and 4 boys who all end up meeting at the readers party! This story introduces number sense and creative thinking. With 4 illustrators you get a diverse set of illustrations as you read through the book. “Four is a little when you have 4 minutes left of playtime….but 4 is a lot when you have 4 minutes in timeout…”

Four is a little Four is a LOT makes a great gift for families and is available at Amazon in hardcover or paperback as well as fun birthday cards for your 4 year old!

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