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Celebrating Hispanic Culture with these 2 books for kids and teens

Celebrating Hispanic Culture with these 2 books for kids and teens

Water Day – El día del agua (spanish edition) is a children’s book about a young girls sharing the celebrations of her town the one day a week the water man visits to deliver water to her village. Water is so important and it is easy to take it for granted until you are community who lost it regular supply. Water Day is available on Amazon and book stores.

Farewell Cuba, Mi Isla is a middle grade novel about two girls fleeing 1960 Cuba with their family. There are 336 pages and is a story about the Author’s real family experience.

This book will share some raw moments about Cuban history and a young girls having to flee her home and be something somewhere else. They had 2 changes of clothes each and $5 and the family fled to America. Victoria needs to help her family settle in Miami. This is a great book about family, change and a fight for the future in the 1960’s Cuban state. Farewell Cuba, Mi Isla is available on Amazon and book stores.

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I love how the book teaches children about the challenges that people face without access to clean water, and how it is important to conserve this precious resource.


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