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The Priority Bicycles Start 20 Kids Bike Review

Thank you to Priority Bicycles for sending the bike for feature

The Priority Start 20 Kids Bike Review

Is it time to introduce a quality bike to enhance riding skills and introduce gears? Are your bike rides hindered by kids bikes that can’t use the same terrain as yours can? If they can fit on a 20″ bike it is time for the Start 20 from Priority Bicycles. This is because you get a quality bike with quality parts at a reasonable price. Let’s take a better look!

Imagine having no more chains and no more grease. The Priority Start 20 kids bicycle has

  • Comfort all-weather grips
  • 3 Speed Shimano hub with grip shifter
  • Comfortable all-weather seat
  • Dual hand brakes
  • Rear free wheel
  • All terrain durable tires
  • Solid platform pedals
  • Rust and grease free belt drive

I worried at first that perhaps with Anthony’s growth spurt that he was a bit tall for the bike, but he says he loves it a bit low. He says he can jump it and turn much easier that way. He hardly rides sitting down as he always lifts up and he has such great comfort in this bike with the grips and shifting is easy.

new bike

This bike makes learning gears easy as I can hear the clicks and catch and can help him out as he learns to shift up and down depending on hills or terrain.

bike rides

Let’s see how the Priority Start 20 rides:

Priority Bicycles has bikes for kids as small as balance starters and 16″ to adults. They really are a fantastically built bike for the price point. The good thing is that my local bike shop says when he wants they can put a higher stem in to raise the handle bars so he can grow with this same bike.

They do 100% of their sales through Just a small NYC company bringing you a comfortable and easy-to-ride bike for all sizes and abilities.

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What is Fortnite? This is for the Parents of Gamers

This is not a sponsored post

What is Fortnite? This is for the Parents of Gamers

How has summer been going? Have you heard the word ‘Fortnite’ a thousand times yet? Recently I caught myself listening to a YouTube gamer Anthony likes, Preston Plays (TBNR frags). I see that in one of his videos he had his Mom learning about the game and it gave Anthony the idea of creating a video any Mom can watch and help answer your burning question, What is Fortnite?

Here is the video below. I recently did a post on our Fortnite birthday party, so stop over for some party ideas after you watch his video.

On the video, feel free to comment or ask questions and Anthony will answer them for you.

Watch: What is Fortnite?

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Brooklyn Cloth Co. Surf and Skate Clothing Brand

I have partnered with Brooklyn Cloth for feature. Product was sent and opinions are my own

Brooklyn Cloth Co. Surf and Skate Clothing Brand

Recently Anthony received a few pieces of clothing from Brooklyn Cloth Co. and he fell in love with the styles. He is all sports and typically only wears shorts and sports brands tops, socks and hoodies. He loves basketball and loves the basketball style all year. So, it was a gamble to agree for clothing from a surf and skate clothing brand. To my surprise (and perhaps his) the pieces really excited him.

The very next day he grabbed the pair of Brooklyn cloth shorts and the Sherpa-lined jacket to wear to school. Even on warm days, he grabs hoodies and coats to school because his classroom gets chilly. I warned him he may be too warm in the sherpa-lined coat, but there was no talking him out of it even on a 70 degree day.

I think this may be my favorite top. The New York cotton hoodie has the sporty look he typically wears. It is called the Boy’s New York Fleece Hockey Jersey Hoodie. We visited NYC last summer and Anthony fell in love with the city. We will be going back again this summer for a conference and he is so excited. Having these New York branded clothing brings back those memories for him. Such as visiting the Statue of Liberty when we were there.

The top above is called the Boys’ White New York State of Mind Long Sleeved Tee. It looks so sharp on him and with print on the front, back and each sleeve there is something happening on this entire shirt.

The cloth shorts at Brooklyn Cloth Co. fit long like board shorts. I ordered Anthony medium shorts in boys as a 10/12 size he normally wears and they hung long like board shorts should. You can see each piece from the shorts and jackets and how they fit in his video below….

Connect with Brooklyn Cloth Co. on their website and follow on Facebook. You can find clothing for men and women too!

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Toys for Boys and Girls from Basic Fun Toys

I have partnered with Tech 4 Kids and product was sent for feature. Note Tech4Kids is a part of Basic Fun Toys

Stocking Stuffers can be a tough one. I like to make them things they really want and not just buy any ‘ole plastic toys to stuff them. I try to stay under $4 an item for a toys or two and fill the rest with candy and gum and the traditional orange (for good luck). Basic Fun Toys has several toy and stocking stuffer choices I wanted to bring to your attention because I am sure you’ll come across these in store toy aisles.

Hatch’Ems – Under $6

Pop the lid, bop the top, and watch your dino hatch! There are 6 to collect. These little guys are so cute! Anthony has one in the video below. Even though he got over excited and broke his open -lol.

Toys for Boys and Girls from Tech 4 Kids

Mash’Ems – Under $4

These popular blind capsules hold a surprise licensed character inside and you never know who you get until you open it. There are 12 character series from Guardians of the Galaxy, Pacman, Paw Patrol, Spongebob and more. There are so many to collect and kids love blind boxes!


Gemmies for girls

This Gemmies loom and creation kit allows your child to make jewelry and more with little colored crystals. Find a 300 and 500 piece sets.


These are not the only products from Basic Fun Toys, but now you have some ideas as you head out to shop that won’t break the budget. The video below gives more insight into these from Anthony!