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Online Pet Store Valentine’s Gifts from Planet Dog

I have partnered with Planet Dog for this feature

Online Pet Store Valentine's Gifts from Planet Dog

It is fun to include the family dog into our holiday traditions. Whether they get a stocking at Christmas or you love to pick up Valentine’s and Easter theme treats and toys, they deserve the added love. Planet Dog carries some of Maya’s favorite toys. That’s why I wanted to share this online pet store Valentine’s Gifts from Planet Dog.

LOVE ball

What is a box of new toys without an unboxing video. Per Anthony’s request (and it is his puppy) here is their video…

The Planet Dog Love Ball comes in 2 colors and 2 sizes. Maya got the large 4″ pink balls. Red and in a 2.5″ smaller ball are also otions. She is going to grow into this one but will actually kick it around like puppy soccer when Anthony gets her going.


The Planet Dog Love Nook is ultra-durable and includes a space to fill with your pup’s favorite treat. Simply fill the heart and pop in the freezer. Maya loves this one!

Head on over to Planet Dog and find all of their fun products!

Nook Ball

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Child’s Teacher

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Valentine's Gift Ideas For Your Child's Teacher

I know! We had back to school with the new teacher and Christmas was just last month and now I am telling you of Valentine’s gift ideas for your child’s teacher. As a daughter of a teacher I can’t stress enough how much money out-of-pocket your child’s teacher is putting into the classroom. From most of the decor to rewards and more. The more years a teacher teaches they eventually accumulate a lot and for the newer teachers they are just starting out. To give gifts that help the teacher do good in class is much appreciated.

teacher tote (1)

Besides all the work your teacher outs into the classroom atmosphere and systems she sets up for the kids she has to go home with her work. Papers to correct and lessons to plan are more plentiful than the hours in class with no kids allow for her or him to get it all done. You can help them out with these totes from Teacher Peach.

This Teachers Rock Canvas Boat Tote is the perfect tote for all of those lose papers. It holds a lot and zips up to keep it all confined for transporting. I just love all the words and designs Teacher Peach offers on these bags.

TeacherPeach logo

While stocking up for class Valentine’s Day cards, how about cards the teacher can use as well for the kids. Only these Positive Postcards can be used all year long. How proud would your child be to come home with one of these cards in their hands?

class cards

Head on over and see all of the teacher and classroom gifts at Teacher Peach! They are great for year round gifting!

vday gifts


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Valentine’s Day Treat: Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips Mini Heart Shapes

I have partnered with Sensible Portions for this feature

Valentine's Day Treat:  Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips Mini Heart Shapes

They are back! The heart-shaped Sensible Portions better-for-you Veggie Chips. These mini snacks packed full of flavor are made with no artificial preservatives or fillers, non-GMO, contain 30% less fat than the leading potato chip.

better-for-you chips

More Information

  • Sold in Target stores nationwide beginning in January
  • Gluten free and vegan and 0g trans fat
  • SRP: $5.99 for.5-oz. single-serve bags in packs of 12

Sensible Portions

Write messages in the provided box and counter those candy treats with these chips kids love. Anthony loves snacking on these and they are great to throw in his lunch for s treat. Keep an eye out in Target stores near you.

Veggie Chips