The Best Home Scents are from Pura

The Best Home Scents from Pura are Eco-Friendly

In 2023, I ditched my plug in aroma sets I had been using and switched to Pura, one of the best home scents in my opinion. The reason I completely threw out the old and switched? It was all I was reading about the respiratory effects on given diffusers and Pura was the safer way. My old brand I used from a local mall retailer had scents so full of chemicals and was not the right choice for my pets and home health.

Pura follows the strict standards set by The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), which was created to protect consumers and the environment with the safe use of fragrance. What can you find in fragrances not built on Pura’s foundation of safe and sustainable?  Acetaldehyde, diclorobenzene, ethylhexanol, formaldehyde, GMOs, methyl pyrrolidone, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, styrene, or animal testing. Those are not ingredients you want floating around your home’s air. They don’t even sound fresh and are not the best home scents to use.

With partnerships with big brands like Anthropologie and Disney, you will find scents to fit your home. One of my favorite scents so far (and I have used many) are Brooklyn Candle Co.’s Santorini and Unify Company’s Cliff. both of these scents are mild and pleasant with Santorini giving that sand and fresh air feel and Cliff is their outdoor collection of bergamot/mandarin.

There are so many scents to choose from and the price is fantastic. You can even save on your first order! Start here and bring cleaner fragrances into your home in 2024!


5 Signs That Indicate Parental Alienation Is Taking Place

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

ivorce is never easy. In fact, a marriage dissolution can be brutal and traumatizing for both ex spouses who must face legal proceedings and the enormous expenses that can go with them. But when there’s a child or children involved, divorce can be even worse, especially if you are encountering custodial issues. When this is the case, you need your lawyer to get involved in the proceedings as soon as possible.

The Law Office of Laura Gillis, a divorce attorney Phoenix, AZ, says when a married mother and father decide to legally separate they need to think about a child custody arrangement. Parents can agree to a joint or shared custody arrangement. Or one parent can be given primary physical custody of the child or children while the other enjoys visitation or what’s also known as parenting time.

If child custody options sound simple, they are far from it. They can be complicated and emotionally trying for both parents and child. In many cases, the primary parent can alienate the child from the other parent, causing a deep chasm between the two. This is called parental alienation, and it can be very damaging for all parties involved. That said, what are the signs that parental alienation is taking place?

According to a recent report by Psychology Today, some divorced parents will utilize parental alienation tactics to gain the upper hand during litigation proceedings and to curry favor with the child or children to attain full custody and the financial support that goes with it. The alienating parent might choose to do this out of revenge over an extramarital affair or to avoid having to pay child support.

But parents must keep foremost in their mind that their child came from them both. It’s imperative they realize children need both parents. But for those divorcing parents who are trying to garner control of the kids for the sole purpose of avoiding paying child support, they need to think about the cost of therapy the child might require because of parental alienation, or even the cost of a therapeutic boarding school.

5 Signs that Indicate Parental Alienation is Taking Place

  1. A stern reaction to both parents: This means that one parent is being perceived as the “good” guy and the other as the “bad” guy. The child’s poor interpretation is an indication the other parent is making the alienated parent look terrible in the child’s eyes. If a child has nothing good to say about a parent who, up until the legal separation, was a positive force in the child’s life, it is reason for concern and should be brought to a divorce lawyer’s attention.
  2. Mimicking the other parent’s talking points and descriptions of the alienated parent utilizing adult language: This has to do with the child or children using the alienating parent’s language and talking points exactly as they were spoken to describe the “bad” parent’s personality, behavior, supposed neglect, etc.
  3. A lack of reasoning: If the child is asked why he or she is uncomfortable being around the other alienated parent and they cannot come up with any specific reasons, incidents, or behaviors that can provide evidence for their negative attitude toward a parent, it could very well indicate parental alienation is taking place.
  4. Abrupt relationship shift: At times a parent can speak badly about the other parent in a context that is either real or entirely made up. This behavior can cause a child to think twice about the alienated parent and result in an abrupt relationship shift. At base, the child is being coached by the alienating parent and therefore encouraged to pick a side between both divorcing parents.
  5. Unwilling to reason or make peace with the alienated parent: In this case, the child always takes the side of the alienating parent. Despite the lack of logic involved, the child will, under all circumstances, see the alienating parent as always right.

What To Do About Parental Alienation
Again, divorce is never easy under the best of circumstances. But it’s important you determine if your child or children’s bad attitude and behavior toward you is the result of alienation on behalf of the other parent. This holds especially true if you are working through some difficult custody challenges.

You should speak with your divorce lawyer about the problem of parental alienation. It’s possible they will work with a psychologist who specializes in reunification so that the child/parent relationship can be repaired. Also, if you are presently working through support and custody issues and you find that you are being purposely alienated from your child, you need to have the issue addressed in family court.

In the end, parental alienation is not only bad for a child, it can be interpreted as child abuse.


Achieve Emotional Catharsis with Music and Art

There is a movement on the benefits of catharsis to use for the purging of emotions. Imagine your emotions are like a pressure cooker, one more stressful event and you are likely to reach full pressure and then what? Explode or irrationalyl release your emotions? Catharsis is the means of relieving pressure a bit at a time before the stress becomes too much.

When it comes to art, whether it be on stage, in artwork or music, the use of catharsis is how we can get the audience to deeply connect with a story, image or meaning. I am featuring a new website with music and art downloads called, Cathartika.

When you visit Cathartika, it is quite simple and simplicity can help that pressure valve loosen a bit! Right now they have 5 music/art choices and more to come. The music is soothing – a bit of a folk feel. The words will have deep meaning and each song download (all under $2 each) comes with digital art. The idea is for you to take a moment and release those strong emotions. Pull up your screen art, press play and use the bright visuals as you listen to the words and find your peace for a few moments. Just remember to download your music and art after purchase within 24 and your art dumps into your downloads and my music dumped into my apple music folder. After you download your purchase, it is yours forever.

I have downloaded their song, Happiness. The meaning of the song has you not just finding a feeling of happiness, but asking yourself where your happiness comes from. If you have not researched the use of catharsis to release your pressure valve, start at Cathartika to get that general feeling of harmony and personal peace.


Culturelle Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies are a game changer for my teen

Culturelle Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies are a game changer for my teen

Our teen has had a few digestive issues and last year after many tests, we got to the bottom of them and turns out, his issues were all resolvable. The only digestion maintenance he needs is to be on probiotics and drink water more often now that we treated his ailments. Other that a beef/dairy sensitivity, he can eat normal foods. The problem was, he kept forgetting (actually avoiding) taking bis prebiotics. He hated the large pills. Then we found gummies. The Culturelle® Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies are a game changer!

They don’t have an awkward texture and they taste great! We all know a lot of gummy supplements are loaded with sugar for taste, not these! You have less than 1g of sugar in a serving of 2 gummies a day. This is because they use fruit pectin rather than gelatin and a sugar coating.

These Culturelle Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies are formulated with 2 billion CFUs of good bacteria and are gluten-free, dairy free, vegan and non-GMO. You do not need to keep refrigerated, so they travel well with you. Culturelle has many digestive and immunity supplements for baby, child and adults. Visit Culturelle to learn more and shop their store! Save $5 -> http://rwrd.io/3rwmcbi?c