My Morning Smoothies include Collagen Peptides

 My Morning Smoothies include Collagen Peptides

Every morning as I head out to work, I make my morning smoothie to take with me. I have come to love having a smoothie for breakfast because I control what nutrients to add. I always have spinach on hand for healthy greens, avocado for fats so I stay fuller longer and snack less, flax seed for fiber and berries/fruit. I then add in protein powder and collagen powder. I am using the Collagen Peptides powder from Native Path. I read a lot of reviews on supplements and the Native Path has so many positive reviews on their products so I feel I can trust the brand.

I have tried some collagen liquids and pills that actually upset my stomach unless I take it after a meal. I can simply add a scoop or 2 of the Native Path Collagen Peptides with zero side effects. Collagen is such an important protein in our bodies and as I am in my mid-40’s, I need a boost of it. You get 10g of collagen per scoop from this jar.

Collagen supports bones, joints, skin, hair, nails, digestion and more! There are over 25 different types of collagen and Native Path includes Type I and III which, together, makes up 90% of the collagen our bodies naturally produce. I also love that it is certified grass fed protein from pasture-raised cows.

As the name suggests, you won’t find added chemicals but ingredients from nature. I use the unflavored, but you can choose from a variety of flavors. Native Path also has other supplements your body needs with natural ingredients you can trust. Visit Native Path today!


Ways To Support The Development Of Your Child’s Style Sense

Ways To Support The Development Of Your Child's Style Sense

Developing your children’s sense of style is important. They’ll also need good grooming and hygiene habits as they grow up. It is also a fun activity for them to engage in. They can start small by dressing themselves independently and gradually get better at it. It will help them build their confidence and decision-making skills.

Encourage Independent Dressing

Dressing alone is a big step, especially for kids who struggle to do this with their disability or autism. They might need some hands-on assistance initially, but it’s best to let them work out the kinks themselves. Try encouraging them to do this while sitting down, and have them start by putting on their socks, then moving on to shoes, and then pants. It might take a while for them to be able to do all of these things, but it’s worth it!

When they’re ready, try having them sit down to dress themselves and narrate each step as they go. It helps them learn the words for the parts of their clothing, like ‘putting your arms in your sleeves,’ and gives them a sense of control over the process. It’s important not to correct them too much, though – if they put their shirt on backward, encourage them to look in the mirror and figure out what needs to be done next.

Give Your Child Plenty of Options

Most 3- to 4-year-olds are wannabe dictators grasping for control wherever they can, so give them lots of little choices. For example, ask them to choose between two dresses from Janie and Jack. It helps them build decision-making skills and boosts their autonomy. It also teaches them to observe how colors and patterns complement one another. Plus, you can teach them to add flair and style by customizing their clothes with ribbons, studs, patches, badges and fabric paints.

As they age, encourage them to seek inspiration from fashion magazines or runway shows. Seeing how their favorite celebrities sashay down the runway in a couture outfit can help them build confidence and inspire their look. Just make sure you establish boundaries. Children are notoriously fickle, so a fashion trend they love this week will probably be tossed in the trash the next.

Let Them Seek Inspiration

The best way to help your children find their style is to let them explore. While it may be tempting to correct them if they put their shoes on the wrong feet or wear their shirt flipped upside down, they must be able to make decisions independently and learn from their mistakes. Embracing their sense of style will build their confidence, self-expression, and independence. They will also develop an eye for aesthetics and learn what colors, styles, and clothing types they feel comfortable in. Teach them basic styling tips such as putting on jeans first and then adding a busy top and pairing shoes that complement the color of their bottoms.

Let Them Play Dress-Up

One of the best ways to encourage your children’s sense of style is to let them play dress-up. This classic childhood pastime allows kids to root their imaginative stories in reality for a short while, which helps develop their problem-solving and self-regulation abilities. It also encourages them to explore different identities by trying on other clothes and playing roles, such as a doctor or parent. Keep a dress-up box or chest with various costumes, accessories and props (such as kitchen utensils, hats, scarves, shoes and dollhouse furniture) in your child’s room so it is always easy to access. You can even include stuffed animals to act as patients or customers at their doctor’s office or paper and pencils for writing orders at their restaurant. You can find inexpensive costume items in thrift stores and consignment shops or use scrap paper and old clothing fabric to create unique designs. Rotate the items in your child’s dress-up box so they are constantly bringing out something new.


Transform your skin from the inside out with Auro Skincare

Transform your skin from the inside out with Auro Skincare

With summer coming, it is time to help our skin get through another season change. Now we bring sun after the cold and what our skin needs most is a master antioxidant. Auro Skincare works to transform your skin from the inside out.

The antioxidant system delivered by Auro uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and patented technology (Auro GSH™ Antioxidant Delivery System). It takes just 30 days or so to see results and they guarantee with your money back.

Glutathione! Glutathione is an antioxidant your own body produces to help with environmental stress on the skin and aging – it is the oxidation that tires our skin and this antioxidant combats that. There are 4 products in the lone that all deliver this master antioxidant well below the superficial layers of skin.

  1. CITRINE VITAMIN C RADIANCE COMPLEX – Brighten and support skin’s natural collagen production with 25% Vitamin C.
  2. RISE + REVIVE DAYTIME ENERGIZING CREAM – Awaken and hydrate skin with Coenzyme Q10, Carnosine and DMAE.
  3. G ANTIOXIDANT REVITALIZATION SERUM – Transform and strengthen skin with high-potency Glutathione.
  4. RESET + REPAIR OVERNIGHT REGENERATING CREAM – Smooth and firm skin with adaptogens and Resveratrol.

Visit the Auro shop today and get your skin summer ready!


Common pests in the Pacific Northwest and Pest control options

With winter mixes and summer heat, the Pacific Northwest brings unstable weather at times and common pests that thrive in damp environments. In the Tacoma, Wa area where I am from, pest control services are all over and it is very common to see houses around town with pest control vans parked and working away. Unless, you have the knowhow or time it is hard to keep the common pests in our area away.

In the Tacoma area our common invaders are ants, mosquitos, mice, bedbugs, termites and spiders to name a few. These are very common in damp places like Wa. state. A few years ago we had a popular travel resort close for days after a bedbug infestation that began causing problems for travelers. Staying on top of your home cleanliness, garden control and the right (safe) products is crucial or in no time critters are in your home or affecting your gardens. We have a great climate to help gardens thrive well, at the same time this climate is a comfortable atmosphere for such pests.

The first year in our new home here, we began having sugar ant infestations in our neighborhood. Soon, all neighbors began seeing them in their yard, patios and inside. We now keep safe bait and sprays recommended to us and the moment we stop, they come back. Visit a home in the Pacific Northwest and they likely use or have a pest control company handy for on-call. Bulwark Exterminating is a local company in Tacoma, Wa that gives fast, free consults so you know the extent of your problem and get honest feedback and services.

Bulwark is known to our area and are familiar with Tacoma pest control to safely treat your spaces. It gets hard staying on top of these pests and at some point we need extra help. It is hard to tell what brands are truly safe for our pets, kids and plants. It is best to call the experts when it becomes out of your control or to just save you time and headache.

Learn the common pests in your area and be prepared with exterminator contacts and recommendations on safe pest control options for your space. Many products on store shelves are bandaids and can actually harm surrounding plants and pets. When invaders are in heavy presence, this typically means there is an underlying source that is very hard to locate or maybe even hard to get at in narrow or high spaces. When this happens, the experts are your quickest option. They can locate and treat the spread quickly and effectively and the right company such as Bulwark are trained well and pride themselves on honest feedback and will be there until the final resolution of your infestation. Bulwark is not only a Wa. state company, they are in many states so keep handy your trusted, local contacts so you can attack right away in such an invasion of your local pests.