Healing After A Traumatic Birth Experience

Healing After A Traumatic Birth Experience
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Up to 45% of new mothers have reported experiencing birth trauma, a study in the Journal of Perinatal Education reveals. Birth trauma is physical and/or emotional distress experienced by the mother during or after childbirth. Although symptoms vary from mother to mother, they typically include intense flashbacks, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and anger. If you’re currently experiencing symptoms of birth trauma, there are things you can do to recover, process your experience, and move on from the birth. 

Let go of self-blame

Many mothers blame themselves after a traumatic birth — whether that’s because they feel like they failed their baby, their body failed them, or they should have done something differently. If you’re holding yourself to blame, it’s important to make a conscious effort to let these feelings go. No two birth experiences are the same, and if yours was difficult, you deserve even more love and respect as you’re now being a mother on top of all these unhappy feelings. So, be kind to yourself and take heart in knowing you did your best and will continue to do so for you and your baby.

Get professional help

A birth trauma therapist can help you understand the root cause of your birth trauma, learn new coping skills to manage negative thoughts and emotions, and strengthen relationships that may have been affected by your experience. Cognitive behavioral therapy, for example, is often recommended by PTSD and focuses on replacing unhealthy patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with healthy ones. Additionally, if you sustained a birth injury like a vaginal tear or pelvic damage, you may also want to consult a reputable lawyer. Birth injury lawyers can help you file a lawsuit and receive rightful compensation to cover the cost of medical expenses. 

Focus on recovery 

After a traumatic birth, it’s important to prioritize rest and recovery in order to help your brain process the experience and move on. This means getting enough sleep, good nutrition, and minimizing stress, which although isn’t easy with a newborn, is key for healing. So, make sure to prioritize “me time” everyday — whether that means reading a good book, watching a movie, having a bath, or spending the day with your baby on the sofa. 

Healing from birth trauma doesn’t happen overnight, but is possible with self-love and patience. By letting go of blame, getting professional help, and focusing on recovery, you can recover and enjoy your new life as a mother.

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The Ayla & Co. fanny pack is a must have for travel

The Ayla & Co. fanny pack is a must have for travel

It has been years since I was in the habit of carrying a bulky purse. With disc issues in my neck and nerve issues in my shoulder, it is actually painful to lug even a small purse on my shoulders. I have used XS sling pouches or phone cases that hold my cards.

When traveling I tend to find myself needing to keep extras with me all day from sunscreen, extra room key cards, small souvenirs. I can’t spend all day carrying a purse. Now I am excited that fashion fanny packs are a comeback and I love my Ayla & Co. fanny pack.

Ayla & Co prides itself on combining parent-friendly features with simplicity and style. You can carry your necessities or change messes and still look and feel put-together.

The Ayla Fanny Pack is a belt bag that has a removable credit card wallet, a key leash and pass-through pocket that holds a power bank battery. The strap is adjustable from 30” to 42”.

Choose your Ayla Fanny Pack in brown, black or green. Visit Ayla & Co to find a bag for your needs.


RED Chocolate Will Match Total Donations to American Heart Association Through February

This month for National Heart Awareness month, RED chocolates will offer a donation option for the American Heart Association on every order checkout. They will also match your donation. You shop for delicious, no-sugar-added chocolates and can offer more to a great Association at the same time.

It is o e think to offer a donation portal and manage customer donations, but to match those donations is such kindness.

If you have not tried RED Chocolates, they are so divine and made with ingredients I appreciate. By using less refined sugar, this chocolate is a better option than most.

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The Pirani Party Tumbler makes a positive environmental impact

The Pirani Party Tumbler makes a positive environmental impact

When using single-use plastic cups hurts your environmental heart, the Pirani Cup is the fix. This looks like a standard plastic cup but is reusable and made from triple-insulated stainless steel. It is noted as the last party cup you will ever need. Pirani wants you to consider giving a gift that helps to end single use plastics.

patry tumbler

The Pirani party tumbler keeps drinks cold 12+ hours; hot up to six. It is triple-insulated stainless steel. This lid is fantastic and does not leak. The cup does not sweat and is stackable. Also, notice the measurement marks in ounces for the perfect pour! You can also put this cup in the dishwasher.

single use cup

At Pirani you can find great Holiday gift ideas from single tumblers in designs or solid colors as well as other accessories and bundles. Shop Pirani now!