NEW ComfiGO booster seat that provides better comfort

NEW ComfiGO booster seat that provides better comfort
comfiGO Backless Booster Seat

My youngest is 13 and I keep encountering new and brilliant infant, toddler and child products I would have loved to have when he was younger. This is one of them! The new ClypX ComfiGO® booster seat is more comfortable and travel friendly than those bulky booster seats. The ComfiGO booster seat is FMVSS 213 certified for use in the US and made for children ages 4 – 12, weighing over 40 lbs, and between 40 to 57 inches tall.

There are 2 adjustments you have to make at first with your child, then it is set up for their use. You will only need to readjust as your child grows (every few months). Don’t worry, the adjustments are very easy and no tools are needed. Once you have these adjustments made, your child can even buckle themselves into the seat easily.

To start, you need to place your comfiGO on your car’s seat, centered and NOT on top of any covers. There are 2 secure clips (optional) to use if your car’s seat has the hooks to attach. This just keeps the booster seat in place as your child gets in and sits down. It has a skid pad so it stays in place fairly well on its own or you can hold it as they get in. I would just attach mine and not have to worry about it shifting. Now you are ready to make those 2 adjustments (the first use).

Attach the car’s shoulder strap into the shoulder belt positioning strap of ComfiGO. To adjust the height of that positioning strap, you just open the (red) gate on the clip and adjust it so it rests about 1 ” above your child’s shoulder. I have the video below that shows you in steps.

The second adjustment is for the lap belt. If your child is tall/older than this may not be as necessary, but for most children in booster seats, the lap belt will fall too high (above their thighs) and this is why we use booster seats with them. The lap belt clip is the device that is between your child’s legs. You want to open the gate (red) in the clip and adjust so that the lap belt runs across their upper thighs (1″ below belly button) rather than across their abdomen. Then just simply slide the car’s lap belt up into the clip and buckle them in. The video below shows more.

Getting out of the car is easy. Just unbuckle your car’s seat belt, unclip from the hip belt and that’s it. The shoulder positioning clip can stay connected to the car’s shoulder strap unless you are taking ComfiGO on travels with you, then unhook the shoulder clip and go! The ComfiGO booster seat easily slips into a seat back for storage or in a large purse. If a guest is in your back seat, no need to remove the booster seat. It can be sat on and straps will stay flat when not in use. What a great option to keep in a seat back if you ride share passengers who may have kids and traveling! Adjustments are easy and it is so compact.

Learn more about ComfiGO by visiting the ClypX website!

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National Geographic Almanac 2021 available in September

Comment: I was sent a copy of this Almanac. Affiliate links may be inside post. Opinions are my own!

National Geographic Almanac 2021 available in September

Coming next month, the National Geographic Almanac 2021 will release and boy what a year it has been! Can you guess some of the topics that will be covered for 2021? If you have not ever read through any of the annual Almanacs from National Geographic, you have missed so much from our world you probably were not aware of. The Almanac covers trending topics, big ideas in science, photos, maps and more.

From travel trends when you plan visits to Tokyo or other countries to learning what has been happening up in the sky with our solar system.

Then topics of humanity, nature, archeology and more. There is so much packed into this book with amazing photography that you would expect from National Geographic.

The 2021 Almanac is 400 pages long with quizzes and more for all ages. You can preorder your copy now for the release on September 22, 2020. Available at Amazon and other retailers.

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Swiss Digital Women’s Smart Massaging Backpack – Review

Swiss Digital Women's Smart Massaging Backpack

Take comfort to work with the Swiss Digital Women’s Smart Massaging Backpack. I almost don’t know where to start as I run through all the features this bag offers from a fashionable and classy look to a back and straps that actually give you a massage! I suppose I will start on the very outside of this backpack.

comfortable backpack

I LOVE the colors! The rose on black is incredibly stunning and you get the right touch of rose gold in the zipper designs. Before you unzip this backpack’s many zippers, you get your phone charging port and power button for the back massager.

Just by unzipping the small side pocket of the Smart Massaging Backpack you will find 2 built-in USB cords. The white cord runs to the back massage power and the black cord runs to your outer USB phone plug to charge your device/phone. You keep your power bank in the side pocket (or remove it as you board the plane which will make this bag TSA-friendly) and plug in either cord. Switch from massage power to phone charging without removing the bag from your back by reaching that side pocket and changing cords or use 2 power banks and keep one in the side for massage power and one in the sleeve in the main pocket for your phone charge. This backpack is so versatile.

work bag

The Smart Massaging Backpack has so much organization potential which suites me 100% as I need to stay as organized as possible when working or traveling. The protective laptop pad even fits my Macbook Pro with its leather case on!

With my old bag I had to take my laptop out of its case to fit it in the protective sleeve. It has the RFID Protection Pocket.

laptop bag

Here is the back! Here you will find the power button for the back massage. It is located in the lower back pad and you just make sure you have a power bank to the white cord in the side pocket and hold that power button down for about 3 seconds to activate. Once you feel the vibration, keep clicking that power button until you reach the desired massage vibration (there is more than one – back, shoulder or both)!

massage bag

There is a mid outer sleeve so you can secure your backpack over your luggage handle. Adjust the shoulder straps easily with a lot of room and also there is a secure waist strap if you need.

The Smart Massaging Backpack includes the same features as SwissDigital smart backpacks with the extra benefit of a personal back massager. 

Massaging backpacks ($99): Available at Costco

To see more backpacks offered by SwissDigital, please visit their website:

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2020 Summer Series – Travel, Beauty, Entertaining and More

2020 summer series

2020 Summer Guide

Welcome back to another guide full of seasonal topics. Our 2020 Summer Guide is here! This is all about summer from getting your body summer ready, indoor and outdoor organizing, play for the kids and travel. If it fits the sunny weather topic, we will feature it.

Keep checking back throughout the 2020 summer months and see what new topics and brands I have added! In July we will have a fun giveaway for visitors so stay tuned on the blog!

Make sure to also visit our 2020 Father’s Day Guide and stay tuned for the Back to School Guide!

The 2020 Summer Series Giveaway

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Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool for those pesky critters

Jewelry Cleaner

Ukoke Ultrasonic jewelry Cleaner – get that jewelry summer clean

Superfeet Insoles

Before you travel, make sure your shoes are ready to bring your comfort! I love Superfeet insoles!

Fat Snax

Yay! to low carb road trip snacks! Stock up on Fat Snax!

summer home maintenance

The Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Critts Sandals

Flip Critts – the comfort of sandals and the security of normal shoes!

Safe Home Activities

Get Outside With These Stay Safe at Home Activities – Here!

My Passport Go – portable SSD with built-in cable

Sawyer Repellants

Insect Repellant for Clothing by Sawyer Repellants for the Outdoor Dad

Neutrogena Sun Block

Neutrogena Kids Sunblock Spray offers superior broad-spectrum protection against skin-aging UVA and burning UVB rays.

Pickup Sports kits and virtual coaching at home for kids

Build a foundation of learning over the summer with the Panda Crate for ages 0-24 months. Save 30% with code: panda30off

Learning Resources

Learning Resources has summer learning covered!

More coming to this link up above…keep checking back!

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