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2020 Summer Series – Travel, Beauty, Entertaining and More

2020 summer series

2020 Summer Guide

Welcome back to another guide full of seasonal topics. Our 2020 Summer Guide is here! This is all about summer from getting your body summer ready, indoor and outdoor organizing, play for the kids and travel. If it fits the sunny weather topic, we will feature it.

Keep checking back throughout the 2020 summer months and see what new topics and brands I have added! In July we will have a fun giveaway for visitors so stay tuned on the blog!

Make sure to also visit our 2020 Father’s Day Guide and stay tuned for the Back to School Guide!

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Preventing Summer Kidnappings

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Summer is supposed to be a carefree time, especially for children who are out of school and can spend the majority of their time outside enjoying the beautiful weather and doing fun activities. But according to the National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Thrown away Children (NISMART), 41% of kidnappings occur during the summer months of June, July and August. So before sending your child to the park or pool with friends make sure they know what to do if a stranger approaches them.

Below are a few tips from Krav Maga Worldwide on how to help lessen your child’s risk of being a victim of kidnapping this summer.

  • It starts with open conversations. It’s important to teach children while they are young about what do if a stranger approaches them or makes them feel uncomfortable in anyway. Young children may be confused about the concept of a stranger in general and who is or isn’t one. Parents should emphasize that a stranger is just someone the child doesn’t know and not necessarily a good or bad person. It can also be helpful if parents ask their child about their day on a daily basis to help ensure that nothing suspicious occurred. Even if a child does not directly say a stranger approached them, parents should be able to pick up on body language and verbal cues that something is off base.
  • Fight Back. Sign children up for intro self-defense classes specifically for kids and dealing with situations that can arise for their age group. These classes often teach children body language and verbal skills that can help deter potential attackers as well physical skills. Unfortunately, there is a very real possibility that a child may be in a situation that they can’t defuse or walk away from. Having a foundation of physical skills is vital for the child to be able to protect themselves when push literally comes to shove.
  • Emergency planning. If a child will be left alone during the day, create and practice an emergency plan with them so they are aware of what to do in case someone comes to the door or tries to break in. Leave written instructions and important phone numbers on the fridge or counter and continuously practice safety skills with the child, which can help them become second nature and the child will know what to do on the spot.
  • Make a plan and keep kids busy. Parents can set up a schedule with their child so that they know where they are supposed to be at what time and with who. If parents are friendly with neighbors, touch base with them and ask if they can keep an eye out on the child if they play outside often. Inform your child that they are trusted adults that they can go to if an uncomfortable situation arises. Parents can also tap into what the child’s interests are and sign them up for classes or programs that involve something that they love to do, such as art classes or sports programs. These programs and activities tend to be supervised by trained adults that can help keep the child safe.

For more information check out see the Facebook page (KravMagaWorldwide), follow on Instagram @krav_maga_worldwide or call 800.572.8624.

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Helpful Packing Tips When Traveling with Small Children

I hope you get the chance to travel together this summer, locally or abroad. These tips are great for flights or day trips and even a night at Grandma’s when traveling with small children. Safe travels!

Buy the RIGHT luggage

The fun monkey head suitcase is adorable, but I hate to tell you that many children luggage brands are not practical. Don’t get me wrong, there is a brand or two out there that does children’s travel cases well, but I ditched the cute stuff years ago with our 10 year old because I needed to fit more and stay organized with it all.

What do I use? We happen to use the Expanse Wheeled Duffel Carry ON by Eagle Creek. I use an Eagle Creek wheelie myself as well as the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter On Board toiletry bag. Shout out to Eagle Creek in this post, they seriously do a great job with their bags and I recommend them for you and the kids!

Use Ziploc Bags for Clothing

I’ll never forget the look I got from my Mom when I dropped my son off for a stay with her years ago and as we opened the suitcase she saw my gallon Ziploc bag packing job. But, let me say that when I picked him up, they were all neatly re-stacked and refilled, dirty inside.

As I pack, I lay the bottoms, shirt, socks, underwear (in that layered order), fold all together in one set and put in a gallon ziploc and seal with air released. Put it in his duffel and repeat for all outfits. It is not only a folding space saver where I can stack many outfits neatly, but it is a time saver every morning. I (or whomever he is visiting and now himself) can grab a bag and head to get changed. It is all there. He shoves his dirty clothes back in, presses and seals. Smelly clothes are sealed and stay away from clean clothes and repacking to leave is so easy! Try it!

1 Bag + 1 Blanket + 1 Present

This is what comes on planes with us to the seat. I have one small backpack (bright colored so you can spot them if they get ahead of you) that he can wear and help me carry less with his snacks, entertainment, headphones and a small (noiseless) toy when younger. Now it is a tablet, his phone, book and chargers plus snacks. He carries his blanket and I always have a gift when he was younger to make the ride start off pleasant. The last one I bought him was a Pokemon neck pillow. He never took it off all flight or the next flight…..

Your Luggage Front Pocket

Chances are one of your luggage bags has that extra front pocket you never really know what to use it for. Grab 1 ‘special’ treat per child and a new thin book. Once you are done with the hassle off the plane, to a car or taxi, into a hotel lobby and finally checked in to your room you (and they) are beat! You have an urge to get organized, freshen up and plan the rest of the day and you have some exhausted kids.

Just wait for the magic as you unzip that pocket, pull out that special pick-me-up snack and quiet book(s). It will buy you some uninterrupted time. If you got in early enough a child or two may just doze off. Let them rest a moment or 2 and use that time! Then you’ll all be more relaxed, rested and ready to start your trip.

My Travel Items

Disclaimer: Thank you Eagle Creek for partnering with us on this feature. All opinions are 100% my own

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Small Garden Ideas with Seedsheet: Mini Garden Kits

When we were house shopping in 2017 we looked for a home with a smaller yard. We were tired of spending our entire weekend maintaining property so we wanted a small, east-to-maintain yard. This also means we lose space for any planting. We do have a small patch in the front yard and all grass and rock in the back.

To grow from seeds I need to use containers and that looks so untidy having start containers all over. Our best sun is the front yard and I take pride on my yard looking clean from the street. Then I found out about Seedsheet kits! The best seedling kit for small garden ideas.

  • Each sheet includes a variety of pre-selected organic, Non-GMO seeds in a dissolvable seed pouches for seamless planting
  • Seedsheet software (app) sends useful tips, reminders and recipes to ensure a fully-grown garden for maximum harvests
  • Fabric container keeps weeds from affecting plant growth and health
  • Each sheet is specially designed with strategic pod placements to facilitate maximum growth
  • Harvesting tips to maximize food production every season

The Mini Garden Kits include:Mini Garden Kits include

Grow Your Own Mini Herbs Kit

  • It includes: organic sweet basil, cilantro and dill

Grow Your Own Mini Salad Kit

  • It includes: kale, arugula and spinach

Grow Your Own Mini Pesto Kit

  • It includes: sweet basil, purple basil and Greek basil

Each kit includes potting soil, saucer, watering nozzle and security stake

What would you like to grow? Herbs, Greens, Root-Vegetables, Fruiting Plants or something fun and funky? Where would you like to plant? Indoors, balcony, stoop, deck, backyard or a window sill? Seedsheet has a set for you no matter the size or space.

Look at me herbs after almost 2 weeks! I never forget to water because I get text alerts of encouragement along the way. If I can make herbs and plants grow, anyone can!