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How to relieve stress and anxiety with Calm Strips

How to relieve stress and anxiety with Calm Strips

This school year is chaotic. Really, it is what we make it so to make it a positive experience for our kids we have to wear our positivity hats in front of them. We all can save our complaining for our adult friends and the school. Even on a normal schedule without a global virus, a new school year brings stress and anxiety for many kids. To help relieve stress you can get your learning space set up with Calm Strips.

Calm Strips

Calm Strips are sensory adhesives you can stick to multiple surfaces from notebooks and pencil boxes if they are in the classroom or laptops, desks, books if distance learning. If your kids are not used to ZOOM then logging on virtually with peers can actually be a scary, awkward new task. I have them on our laptops for our son if he feels those nerves act up as he logs on and has to virtually meet new peers. If he needs to relieve stress they are nearby for him.

Relieve Stress & Fidgeting

By grounding you in a calming scene and giving you a gentle, but textured, surface as a stimulus these strips are sure to help you or your child through this new normal. Even if your child seems to handle the stress of a new school year well, perhaps they need help to soothe fidgeting. Calm Strips are not only great to relieve stress, but help with fidgeting as well by giving them a mild distraction and busy task with their fingers.

starry strips

The materials are rated to stand up to the elements, including water and sanitizing, for up to 4 years. Add them to devices, furniture, supplies and even use them with jewelry making so Calm Strips can be worn. To be proactive with you or your child’s anxiety or stress, visit Calm Strips and order today.

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Send the kids to school with Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle

Comment: I was sent a Nomader collapsible water bottle. Thank you to Nomader for collaborating with Parenting Healthy

Send the kids to school with Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle

Have we ever been more apprehensive about sending the kids back to school as we do with this virus? Our kids will be distant learning for now, but many are going back and we need to now teach our children proper hygiene and less sharing. You may not want them sharing supplies with other kids or drinking from the same water fountain to stay germ-safe right now. Send them to school with this lightweight, collapsible water bottle from Nomader®.

water bottle

The cap is a twist cap so you can assure there will be no leakage. Rolling it up so they can toss it securely in their bag when they empty it is very simple to do. Kids can learn very easily. It is very durable, you can feel it. The materials are safe as well.

Nomad Water Bottle

The kids need their hydration and may be used to heading to a water fountain but health experts advise carrying water bottles and avoid sharing spaces so if your child does not have a leak-proof and lightweight bottle to carry all day, this is the best collapsible water bottle I have come across in a long time for kids.

collapsible water bottle

Not just for kids, but it also makes a great water bottle for hikes and campus life because it is so durable and versatile. The size when rolled up and weight are its best features aside from not leaking.

The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle retail for $24.95 and are available in a range of stylish colors at and at Amazon

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Mama Geraldine’s Cheese Straws and Gourmet Cookies – Back to School Lunches

Comment: I was sent a snack assortment. Thank you to Mama Geraldine’s for collaborating with Parenting Healthy

Mama Geraldine’s Cheese Straws and Gourmet Cookies - Back to School Lunches

If you can bake your own cheese snacks they would taste so much better and you would not need to add the preservatives and extra ingredients that cheddar snack chips or crisps are made with from the grocery store. Out of the kitchen is always better. Mama Geraldine’s has us covered with premium cheese straws and gourmet cookies.

The Mama Geraldine’s Cheese Straws come in 4 flavors – Aged Cheddar, Pimento Cheese, Chipotle Cheddar and Parmesan Herb. 3 of them are gluten free! They have a ‘real cheese’ softer bite and are great for tossing into the lunchbox or snacks on-the-go. These are made with 50% 12-month Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheeses so the flavor is fantastic! I may need to crush them on top of salads or use as crusts in some of my recipes instead of bread crumbs.

pecan cookies

However, Mama Geraldine’s does not just bake cheese straws, they also offer 3 different delicious gourmet Cookies: Italian Wedding, Pecan Cini-Minis and Key Lime. I have the Cini-Minis in a bowl near our bar as we speak to snack on. They are not lasting long there!

The Italian Wedding cookies are incredible. I have tried a few packaged brands but these are by far the best as if they came straight from a kitchen. You have to taste these to experience it your self – yum!

school lunch cookies

Check out all products Available at:

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College Care Packages: Succulents Subscription Boxes

Comment: I was sent a Succulents box. Thank you to Succulents Box for collaborating with Parenting Healthy

College Care Packages: Succulents Subscription Boxes

I remember the day we drove our son to College for the first time. It is exciting and there was so much planning that built up to that day, but again it is a bittersweet time as well. I went crazy on care packages. I found a local baker who would deliver cupcakes for special occasions, I would order pizza to his dorm, mail snack and med packs. College care packages are a fantastic tether with your child away at school.

If you have a daughter heading off to school or even need a care package for someone ill or going through a change the Succulents Subscription Boxes are so well done and my favorite way to receive the succulents is in their clay pots so they are ready for new spots in my home right away.

centerpiece succulents

I was sent the 4-pack of succulents this month with clay pots. They came wrapped very well, none were damaged. Then I got to walk around my home and cheer up a few spaces that needed a small plant as company. My dining table got a pot (above is my favorite: Baby Necklace, a Crassula) and so did my mantle (a Dancing Bones and Moonglow).

dancing bones

Can you imagine being away in your first place or dorm and each month a new small succulent arrives to add some fresh decor to your space? This is why I think of students who are in need of fun college care packages to look forward too.

I also think that make great gifts to send to a new Mom or as a housewarming gift – new homes and new babies are a lot of work and succulents are so easy to care for. I think every hanging basket and plant IO was given at my house warming died in days because I set it down and was just too busy and overwhelmed with unpacking to give them care at that time.

succulents box

When you visit Succulents Box you will fond 5 subscription plan options and over 200 succulents. They have your favorite succulents as well as some rare ones also. Order your succulents or choose a subscription plan today at Succulents Box.