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Best Birthday Gifts for Men – Grilling, Food, Drinks and more

Best Birthday Gifts for Men - Grilling, Food, Drinks and more

Shopping for the guys is the hardest shopping task. My husband and Dad will just go buy themselves the things they really want. Maybe it’s a pride thing or perhaps they hate shopping so when they need retail therapy they go satisfy their needs by grabbing what they know, leaving us little ideas on what we can gift them. Man Crates has you covered, trust me! They offer some of the best birthday gifts for men.

When you gift Man Crates, it is more than some items in a box. Man Crates are an experience. They have crates for any man or teen. Whether you have a cook, cocktail connoisseur, griller, handyman or sports fan in your home, there is a crate for them.

The box arrives sealed and with a crow bar. Once they find their way in, it is filled with their favorite things. Let’s take a look at my crates, Booze-Infused Jerky Crate and the Cast Iron Cooking Crate.

The Booze-Infused Jerky crate is great for meat lovers and spirit lovers. It brings some bold and some sweet flavors to their favorite meat snack. I love the try-before-you-buy factor in these crates. You will know exactly what is coming in the crate with the product descriptions.

We love to cook and use our smoker. The Cast Iron Cooking Crate is a lot of fun. This pasta and sauce tossed with some smoked meatballs will be a hit. I also love making homemade tortillas and the small cast iron pan works great!

Here are a few things to note as you break down the vast website of Man Crates, because they offer so much. First, you can buy gift sets in these wooden crates you open with the included crow bar. However, you have other options as well, Project boxes come in a package and are great for the DIY guy or handyman. The Ammo Can Gifts come in an air-tight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible ammo case. Find poker, foodie and other gifts available in these cans. They have Man Crates Jerky Grams as well that come boxed and full of surprises.

Man Crates will let you shop by crate-type or by categories – Bestseller, Grill & Cook, Jerky & Snacks, Drink, Maker & DIY, Sports & Gear and Personalized Gifts.

Visit Man Crates to find the perfect gift for all of the special and hard-working men in your life. One way to save is to create a free account and enter birth dates in your reminder account. Man Crates will send you reminders with a 10% savings offer.

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The Best Gaming Gifts for the Holidays

Best Gaming Gifts

With 3 boys, PC gaming accessories are on all of their wish lists. I have had to learn about PC accessories myself because a hobby or lifestyle gamer wants the top of the line, quality accessories that look good too. One day I had asked the oldest if he had heard of Glorious PC Gaming Race products and he perked up. It is the go-to PC accessories brand with his friends that want quality and aesthetics as one of the best gaming gifts that they can actually afford in the mid-20’s budgets.

Our son uses the Glorious PC GMMK Compact Keyboard. He loves using this for many of his games but more than the compact size, he loves the modular feature of switches and keys. Easily remove keycaps & switches for this keyboard with any combo and brand of a compatible MX switches.

Glorious PC has made the change to go to USB-C and the colors are customizable with many modes. The keyboard has a heavy (durable) feel for its size and the key sounds are smooth. It comes in a package with the keyboard, ESC keycap, 1 switch puller tool, 1 key puller tool and braided USB cable. It comes in 3 sizes, we have and love the compact size.

This is the Model D Glorious mouse (see HERE) and I took this photo in the dark because it looks so pretty (OK, maybe pretty isn’t the right adjective choice for a gaming mouse). This mouse is light and has a great ergonomic feel with its honeycomb design. It is built for speed, comfort and control.

It comes with their Ascend Cord that is ultra-flexible and super lightweight. With this mouse you get premium G-Skates – 100% pure Virgin PTFE, rounded edges that don’t snag on your pad. The control is amazing.

Glorious PC has a few mouse and keyboard models as well as mouse pads, accessory hangers and more. Find the keyboard keys and switches your gamer needs as well – several to choose from.

Make sure you visit Glorious PC Gaming Race if you have a gamer. They truly have the best aesthetics, popular name and quality accessories at great prices! Make sure to also visit the Glorious PC Gaming Race Amazon store.

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Edifier X3 Music Earbuds Have Premium Sound Quality and Compact Design

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Edifier X3 Music Earbuds Have Premium Sound Quality and Compact Design

Have teens, adults and work gifts to buy? I have you covered. My favorite gifts to buy or snag up early are ones that anyone can use. Today, earbuds are the music listening preference with almost everyone. You get your music and no one else around year has to hear it. If they are smart ear buds like these Edifier X3 Music Earbuds, they have a built-in microphone to take your calls and use voice assistant while switching back to music without ever needing to use your hands, cords or holding your device.

Edifier X3 Earbuds

Features of the Edifier X3 Music Earbuds

  • High-Fidelity Apt X – sound performance in full range, deep bass and tri-frequency balance, tuning by professional acoustic team.
  • Qualcomm Chipset with Bluetooth V5.0 with 6 hours playback time and extra 18 hours with charge case.
  • CVC 8.0 noise canceling technology automatically reduces background noise and pick up your voice accurately with built-in microphone
  • IP55 dust & waterproof technology, ideal for any outdoor activity.
  • The touch control is easy to use to the users and can be used to activate voice assistant. 
  • Compact for easy carrying and magnetic design ensures that both buds will snap into place and fit securely in the case.
Best music earbuds

When you begin using your Edifier X3 Music Earbuds, you would open up bluetooth on your device, make sure the earbuds are OUT of the case and then look for the Edifier name to pop up in your connected devices and connect! That’s it. I had ours connected in seconds. The sound is fantastic and you also get 3 sizes of fittings so they do not fit too small or too big in the ears.

Edifier Speakers and Earphones

Who would enjoy these Edifier X3 Wireless Music Earbuds? Anyone from tween to adult! These are great to never miss a call yet not have you phone out all the time. They are great for fitness enthusiasts, those that enjoy music while doing chores or those who are busy and need to do tasks while on a call, etc…

Edifier - Pinterest

About Edifier

Established in May 1996, Edifier specializes in premium sound systems that showcase technological innovation and design elegance over the past two decades. We deliver outstanding audio experience through a wide range of headphones, speakers and music systems, for personal entertainment and professional excellence. Learn more.

Visit Edifier on Amazon and check those gifts off of your Holiday Gift List today!

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You’re Pulling My Leg Game to Get to Know Your Family Better – Giveaway

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You're Pulling My Leg Game to Get to Know Your Family Better

Whether you are playing games as a family together or finding games to play with friends and family remotely, You’re Pulling My Leg game by award-winning game creator Allen Wolf, will entertain for many rounds! It is so simple yet engaging for all ages. There is also a Junior version for the kids ages 9+. The standard game is for ages 13+.

How to Play You’re Pulling My Leg Game

During the game, players choose a question from the cards of over 600 questions within the book. The secret flip of the coin tells them if their answer should be true or made up. When players hear a story, they vote points on if they think a player is telling the truth or pulling their leg. Players win points if you’re right but lose them if you’re wrong. Players try to bluff others and try not to let other players fool them. The first player to 21 points wins.

I plan to keep the book on the dining table when I will have guests over. I know the tweens for sure will grab it and start playing. You can actually learn a thing or two from friends and family as they reveal truths and fun facts about themselves.

Buy links:

Enter to win a copy of You’re Pulling My Leg (Standard or Junior). Must be 18+ and a US resident. Enter below through Nov 6.

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