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2 Gifts Dad can use for Traveling this summer from Spice of Life

2 Gifts Dad can use for Traveling this summer from Spice of Life

As you prepare for summer travels, Father’s Day and celebrations, we know that weather and time will be factors. I love the long days of summer where I can be outdoors late in the day before it gets dark. It is all serene until heat takes its toll. These 2 products from Spice of Life make great gifts Dad can use and for the Traveler on your gift lists.

speaker light

When the long days end and you need to relax, nothing beats a good playlist and an engaging book. The Hands Free Buddy Beat Speaker Light with bluetooth connectivity puts “Me-Time” in your hands (or around your neck). The LED lights are bright up front as well as the LED light with the glow-in-the-dark logo in the back. For safety, you can be seen coming and going in the dark. The arms are flexible so you can adjust the light in different angles according to the direction needed.

book light

Use the bluetooth speaker to listen to music, podcasts or take calls. Your hands are free to tidy up at the end of the evening outside or read a book as the day ends. They come in 4 colors – black, ivory, lime green, and camouflage color.

neck fan

Another must-have summer gadget from Spice of Life is the Portable Neck Fan. Just as it sounds – it is a fan you wear around your neck. The material is so soft and comfortable (just like the light speaker I mention above) and is not heavy at all.

It has 5 blades in each fan head to produce maximum airflow with minimal noise. It is flexible so that you can adjust to your height and wind direction. Choose from 3 speeds and your fingers are safe from the blades. Also, there are 10 color choices. You can stay cool and keep your hands free!

stay breezy fan

Spice of Life has many useful gadgets like these that make great gifts and also help make your summer more enjoyable. Visit Spice of Life online and on Amazon.

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Fossilera is having a Shark Week Sale on their Shark and Megalodon Teeth

Fossilera is having a Shark Week Sale on their Shark and Megalodon Teeth

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I am proud to introduce you to a local company with some very cool items for sale. Fossilera is from Monroe, Wa and they are having a Shark Week sale that starts today! At Fossilera you can find shark teeth, stones, fossils and more.

This week, they have some shark and megalodon teeth on sale. Keep in mind, their stock can run out or run low and new items are always cycling in and out of their shop. By the end of shark week, I’m sure every one of the teeth currently available for sale will be sold and replaced with others. 

I cannot wait for my order to arrive. With my order, I also got my son some worry stones. He likes keeping stones like this to fidget with on his computer desk. You are not limited to teeth at Fosilera. I will share what I ordered in a later post!

If fossil teeth are what you are looking for, then they have so many in every price range. On every product in their shop you are given all the information you need to identify your piece and give you locations they are from and other identifiers.

The sale of all fossil shark teeth will start at the start of Shark week (today) and run through July 18th.  They will all be 10% off, no discount code needed.  Visit Fossilera’s shark tooth category and their Megalodon teeth.


OxiClean ON THE GO Stain Remover Pen to the rescue

OxiClean ON THE GO Stain Remover Pen

It is one pen and it works as a stain remover and scrubber together! Chances are you will be out to eat or at an outing and your clothes are attacked – food, wine, makeup, lipstick, chocolate, spaghetti, soy sauce and more! Having the OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen in your purse or car makes a difference in how hard that stain will be to remove when you get home. In many cases it can eliminate the look of the stain right away.

The pen has OxyClean power, meaning it is formulated with the power of Oxygen to remove these common “On the Go” stains. It works in only 2 steps – squeeze and scrub! Of course, you will remove any of the stain debris, place a napkin or something neutral behind it and squeeze the pen, then use the attached scrubber to work it in.

No worries, the formula is safe on most fabrics and there is NO BLEACH. It simply uses an oxygenated formula to work at the stain. On heavy stains, it works to start the lifting process so you can get home and finish in the wash. Always test a spot first on a fabric in question, but given the ingredients, it should work on just about any fabric.

You can find the OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen in most retailers, including Amazon. Visit OxiCleanPen to learn more. Keep one in your purse, car or out for guests to use when you are serving BBQ this summer!

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Best Charging Base for Your Wireless Devices from Nomad

Best Charging Base for Your Wireless Devices from Nomad

When shopping for phone accessories, perhaps a charging station is on your list. With these charging hubs, you can typically charge multiple devices on one base saving table space and outlet space. We have the Nomad Base Station – Apple Watch Edition. My husband and oldest son call it the best charging Base for your wireless devices.

At the end of the day I can set my iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods on this base and they will be charged in the morning as well as where I placed them. With the hub we don’t have multiple cords all over our nightstand and phones falling to the ground.

My husband has currently claimed the base station, so I should rephrase that to be HIS devices are more organized for charging. When Nomad accessories arrive I can hardly get my hands on them before the boys argue over who will claim them.

The size is just right to hold your electronics and not take up too much table top space. There is a USB-C and USB port in the back if your phone or device is not wireless charging. The Apple Watch mount holds the charger.

At Nomad they have a few base stations for your charging needs. You choose which one works best for your set up. I have always been impressed with the quality of the Nomad products. Like their cases and other device accessories, you get that classy design with genuine leather.

The Base Stations are not finicky and you get a charge no matter where on the pad you set your device down. They release periodic firmware updates so it is always getting better with age. They charge fast providing 7.5W of power to your devices.

If you need a better charging set up or need a gift idea, consider Nomad Goods. Visit to see all of their quality and affordable accessories.

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article. Thank you for visiting.