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I Fall Asleep Faster Now with the Pzizz Sleep App

I have partnered with Pzizz for this feature. Opinions are my own

When you write and try products for a living to help readers find products to live happier, healthier and more active lives, I sometimes come across something so genius I now have it incorporated into my daily life and don’t know what I did before using it. For me lately, it is the Pzizz App. I have been pitched and even tried many sleep products and this one is my nightly savior. Let me explain more so you can get better sleep just like I do now and save too with a promo code!

The Pzizz app is not only for your nightly sleep. There are 2 other modes, nap and focus. So this is truly meant to relax your mind and allow you to settle down a bit even during the day. If you are like me, you crave to rest then the moment you settle in your mind refuses to shut off. I used to give myself the excuse that I do my best thinking at night, but at what expense? It was a loss of precious sleep. The healthiest thing anyone can do, no matter your age or abilities is get proper sleep.

Sleep is more than counting the hours your eyes are closed. Sleep means deep, non-interruptive and prolonged rest and if you function on naps they need to be short and so effective and deep as well or you just want to keep sleeping through your day. Pzizz uses a combination of music, voiceover and sound effects in a sort of hypnotic way that is in a rhythm allowing your body to use the play as a daily ritual to train for falling asleep fast and allow you to wake up refreshed.

There are 2 ways to use this app. The Classic ‘FREE’ version gives you a simple ‘Dreamscape’ that plays a few variations for you each night in a soothing male voice. It gives you a classic version without options to choose sounds or even allow for the female voice playover. However, if free is all you can do you WILL still benefit from the app.

However, Premium (about $9.99/month or $99.99 a year OR Free for 7 days and I’ll explain below) Pzizz is truly the way to go and don’t worry because I have a savings code below for you and it saves you a whopping 80%!! Paid sleep apps are still a lot cheaper than those artificial sleep aids you take with water and hope for the best each night.

With Pzizz Premium you have over 25 Dreamscapes to choose from. You always have the voiceover and in this version you can switch from male or female voice (I love the female voice myself), but the Dreamscape is the background sounds and music. I love the choices and the Saturn Set and Hills are 2 of my favorites.

You also get an alarm option where it will properly wake you up without loud alarm sounds. You can even set a sleep reminder if you need motivation to stay on a schedule. I recommend buying some sleep headphones unless your partner is OK with listening but there is something about hearing it right up to your ear versus full volume to reach around the room that is most soothing.

Remember! I promised you a code to save off of the paid version and it is below! First, here is the official pitch I was sent that really sparked my interest and then you can head over to the Pzizz blog for more sleep topics:

Over two billion people (yes, with a “b”) in the world are affected by insomnia, but Pzizz has helped over 1 million people get the sleep they need, including some of the world’s most influential people. J.K. Rowling called Pzizz the best thing she’s used for sleep by a mile. Former Indiana Pacers Center Roy Hibbert told Sports Illustrated Pzizz helped cure his insomnia and Ambien addiction. Even The Duke of York is a Pzizzer!

Pzizz Savings Code Instructions

Here is how to use your Pzizz code: GRADGIFT that will expire on June 30, 2018! You have to redeem the code on the Pzizz website at Once you redeem the code, you can use it on iOS, Android or both with the same email at app registration as you used on the site to redeem your code. This code saves you 80% off the yearly price option so that makes it only $19.99 a year or about $1.66 a month! How much do you spend a month on sleep aids that aren’t always cutting it? It makes a great gift for a grad heading off to college!

Still unsure about the Preferred version? If you download the Pzizz app right now on Apple or Android you can get Pzizz Preferred for 7 days free and no credit card is required. It will ask if you want it and you confirm and after 7 days it just reverts back to classic. I did this at first and it was very easy to try it for 7 days. However, I missed the features once it went back to free so I now am a Preferred user. I can tell you that I settle in each night and turn on my app and after a week I am not even 5 -10 minutes into the play and I am out! I used to have this 7pm drag everyday (or so I called it) and that is gone! You want to try this. You have nothing to lose! Start now— Pzizz on iOS and Android

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L’BRI Pure ‘n Natural Skincare Samples and Giveaway

This is a promotional pot for L’Bri

L’BRI Rejuvenating Facial Peel 
Sponsor: L’BRI Pure ‘n Natural
With so many ‘healthy’ skin care products on the market today it can become overwhelming when you need to know what products to use and when. It is hard to find your exact skin type matches and sometimes we even need help knowing if we are using too many or not enough products in our daily regimen. What intrigued me about L’BRI is that their skin care is pure and natural and it is a direct sales company (sort of like an Avon in terms of catalogs and shopping). Because it is a direct sales company, you get more detailed information such as help with skin tome and types and having access to help in making sure you get the products that are right for you! My favorite is the article:
What is Your Skin Type that can be found on the L’BRI website.
About L’BRI Rejuvenating Facial Peel
This is a little bottle of orange awesome! This is not your typical apply and peel off. First you clean and dry your face. You apply a layer all over face (avoiding eyes) and let sit 30 seconds. Then start gently rubbing! You will feel your dead skin cells bead up with the peel. Keep rubbing until the beading stops and rinse. L’BRI Rejuvenating Facial Peel is made with natural fruit enzymes of papaya, pineapple and aloe vera gel. I follow with the L’Bri Gentle Freshener and then the L’BRI moisturizer for the freshest feel.  These products smell great and leave my skin so soft!
Free Samples
Besides articles and sales help, another great way to shop for skin care products is to try them before you buy them! L’BRI sends you a nice sample pouch full of sample sized products. You only pay the $6.75 S&H. Even for the $6.75 price you pay, the sample kit is well worth it! Below is the sample kit L’BRI sends out
Learn more and shop the entire line of L’BRI Pure ‘n Natural skincare at
The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win the L’BRI Rejuvenating Skin Peel. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 3/25. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Parenting Healthy nor other participating Bloggers in the giveaway are responsible for prize fulfillment. Winning entry will be verified and winner will need to reply to email for prize.

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Healthy Living: Becoming Mobile Again with National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association

Many years ago I worked for the County Veterans Association Department where I lived and it was there I got to know many amazing Veterans. I learned a lot in meeting many of them. I was younger and a bit judgmental-many times I’d see these men on the sides of the road and in our downtown streets holding HELP signs and seeming to appear helpless. Many had disabilities and even were wheelchair bound. The best part of my job was widening my narrow mind as I hear their stories-many of them about family and Country abandonment after serving. These men came home and were expected to blend back in-as if nothing happened. What they have seen, been told and forced to do and the images that only they can relate too are sometimes graphic and unimaginable to those who have never served in rough times. I love finding companies that take pride in helping our Veterans as well as others who live limited lifestyles and the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association is such a company.

If you have ever had to assist or serve those with mobility issues from injuries to disease from the old to the young, you know how overwhelming it can be to gather and research the best options for them to have that chance they deserve to be mobile and gain that extra independence. NMEDA wants you to know that they will do everything possible to make the process smooth for you and your loved one.

Benefits of NMEDA
NMEDA offers personal, in-person equipment evaluations. This means that the dealers are Quality Assurance Program accredited to give you the best solutions for your individual needs. This NMEDA QAP also means that your dealership has offered unique training for their technicians to assure quality, safety and electromechanical integrity. Your vehicle will be built to accommodate your every need. Because NMEDA prides itself on quality, you can be assured that the latest technology is being used for your conversion. 
My local NMEDA dealer is less than 15 miles from me and you can find a dealer near you as well in the US and Canada. Having dealers in your communities means that your service and repair needs can be met quickly and more easily. Every dealer offers 24/7 services for all purchases made at their dealership. If ever there is a problem-anytime and anywhere-you will be taken care of even if they have to come to you!

National Mobility Awareness Month and Contest

May is National Mobility Awareness Month and if you visit the National Mobility Awareness Month website between April 20-May 31, you can nominate a local or family Hero or even yourself to win one of 4 mobility vehicles. Voting on the entries runs from May 1-31. Last years winners ranged from a 10 year old girl with neuroblastoma to 2 car accident victims who’s lives were changed in one moment that left them paralyzed.

How easy is that? Just find a local dealer and they will guide you every step of the way, always understanding your every need and have the ability to accommodate you. Don’t forget to nominate someone you know to win a van in May!

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Healthy Living: The Vitamin Shoppe Power of Protein Promotion

I was sent samples for feature

For the month of March the Vitamin Shoppe has some great promotions on some top protein brands. The Power of Protein promotion is about reminding us how important protein is for building a well-rounded fitness routine. I was sent several different types of protein lines from The Vitamin Shoppe and I’ll  break them down for you so you can help find the products right for you.
BodyTech Protein Line

Whey Tech Pro 24 is a great supplement for your post workout. It digests easily and brings amino acids to your muscles for recovery. If you like your protein in the morning, the whey in this product will help your metabolism for the day. The BodyTech Whey Tech Pro 24 comes in rich chocolate, french vanilla, chocolate mint, banana creme, cookies and cream, strawberries and cream. 
Micellar Casein is absorbed more slowly than whey, but is still easily digestible. you would want to take this in the evening if you are on an ongoing fitness regimen because the evening is when catabolism or muscle breakdown occurs. The other time that is great to use the BodyTech Micellar Casein is as a mini-meal because the slow release will have you feeling fuller longer. It comes in rich chocolate, french vanilla and cookies and cream.
Hexatein provides a combination of it all in a protein supplement. It contains whey, casein and egg protein for fast delivery with a combination of fast, medium and slow digesting protein blends that is best use after a workout, in between meals and before bedtime. it truly meets all the needs of all fitness levels from beginners to bodybuilders. BodyTech Hexatein comes in vanilla, cookies and cream and rich chocolate.
Pro Pudding is a great snack to include in your day. Try incorporating this as a healthy dessert. There is very little carbohydrates making it a satisfying snack. Simply mix with cold water and let sit a few moments. The chocolate is so delicious. BodyTech Pro Pudding comes in rich chocolate and french vanilla. 
There are many other BodyTech choices, so make sure you see the entire BodyTech line at The Vitamin Shoppe

I was also sent a few bars and a cookie! The Complete Cookie is so delicious and makes it about the healthiest cookie I have ever tried that is packed with enough nutrients you can even eat it as a mini meal. There is no HFCS, egg, dairy, sugar alcohols, trans fats, GMO nor any artificial ingredients. I have the birthday cake flavor and speaking of that same flavor I was also sent the ONE bar in the same flavor. ONE bars are gluten free and makes a great protein supplement when on the go. The last product I was able to try and my husbands favorite is the PowerCrunch bar-another great protein snack that comes in a dark chocolate flavor among any other flavors. 
Whether you need protein supplement or other health care products and supplements, The Vitamin Shoppe has you covered with plenty of education available to help you make the best choices for your nutritional needs. 
Remember that these above products and many other protein supplements are on sale at The Vitamin Shoppe this month!