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Polkadog Pet Treats are 100% all-natural and made-in-the-USA

Polkadog Pet Treats are 100% all-natural and made-in-the-USA

It is tough finding treats for Maya as she has several food allergies. When she eats foods that effect her, like chicken, lamb meal and some fruits, she gets a very upset stomach and indigestion. Finding treats that are carefully made with simple ingredients and with proteins and ingredients she can have is tough sometimes. I am stocked up on Polkadog pet treats that should get me through the Holidays. The packaging is adorable and I will need to get some more as gifts for friends. They make great gift basket additions and stocking stuffers!

Maya can have several of these treats and her favorites seem to be the Yappy Howlidays Duck Recipe tube treats. The Holiday packagings are below. Aren’t they adorable?

Why Polkadog Premium Dog Treats?

To start, Polkadog is USA-made (in Boston). Every single treat is made from scratch in small batches and packed by hand, straight from the Polkadog Kitchen at the Boston Seaport. It doesn’t get more fresh than that! Polkadog also has a signature product, their cod skins. They take cod skin that is otherwise discarded from Alaska-caught fish and slowly dehydrate them. There is nothing else added. Just a satisfying crunch of Omega-rich cod skins for dogs to devour. Our dogs love them!

Keep an eye out, as Polkadog will launch their Polkadog’s Season’s Eatings and Polkadog Holiday Mini Tubes for the Holidays real soon. Visit Polkadog to learn more and to stock up!

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How to Get the Right Food Products for Your Dogs

How to Get the Right Food Products for Your Dogs

What is your definition of a good dog?

For us, this is a canine that is exposed to the right training and nutrition. Both factors are very important in raising healthy and well-behaved dogs. This is why owners should be committed to providing the best of both to their canines.

For instance, a well-trained dog will understand how to relate to strangers, other dogs, and pets at large. If you are interested in knowing more about the importance of training, you can visit:

That being said, we will only focus on how to feed your canine with the right food product in this article. We strongly advise that you keep reading considering the importance of canine nutrition.

Why the right Food Products for Your Dogs Is Important

Ensuring that your dog is rightly fed with the right food products will help you achieve the following things:

Less Chances of Health Complications

Dog food.png

The number of dogs that end up at pet clinics because of various health complications is on the rise. Lack of adequate attention by owners to what they eat is one of the reasons for this.

By eating the right food products, dogs will be equipped with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients at large that will make them healthy. This is why you need to take what they eat very seriously.

This is especially as there are many substandard dog food products out there. So, you should be very cautious and deliberate about getting a premium quality option for your canine companion.

Making the Most of their Life Seasons

A dog’s life is divided into various sections. They start as puppies and work their way up to adulthood and the aged stage.

You should know that there are ideal meals that should be given at every stage of their life. For instance, this means that there are meals that are best suited for puppies but do little or nothing for adult dogs.

When the essential nutrients in these meals are not given at the right stage, the canine loses a lot. They grow without having all that they should have and are left vulnerable in certain ways. So, appropriate feeding will help your canine companions grow the best they can per time.

To Stop Some Bad Habits

Our canine companions can be mischievous. Well, dealing with this part of them are some of the costs that come with raising these loyal creatures.

Speaking of mischievousness, dogs eating poop is one of such habits of concern. There are various reasons why your dog may be doing this. If you are interested in finding out more about this, you can click here.

Well, exposing such dogs to the right food products is one of the important steps in helping them. Non-exposure to premium quality food products could even be the reason for this bad habit in the first place. So, you need to take this seriously.

A Happy Dog

Three things make a happy dog and proper nutrition is one of them. Just for the record, the others are training and companionship/attention.

Those that are not lacking in these areas are usually full of life and fun to have around. So, you need to make sure your dog is well fed, well trained, and that you give it the right amount of attention/companionship.

How Can You Tell the Right Dog Food Product?

Dog food3.jpg

You can tell the right dog food product by taking note of the following:

Traceable ingredients

There are many manufacturers of substandard canine food products around as stressed earlier. These manufacturers are interested in earning big from the pet food industry as so many pet owners are committed to feeding their pets well.

One of the ways to know them is that they include ingredients that are not traceable. This is why you cannot afford to take things hook, line, and sinker. You need to know the ingredients used and make sure they are ideal and traceable.

You should know that some manufacturers use ingredients that harm your dogs in their products. Regulatory bodies like the FDA recall some of these products. And this leads us to the next point.

Avoid Pet Food Manufacturers with a Bad History

Radical Advertisement and publicity are non-negotiable for many pet food manufacturers. This is not a bad thing but explains why you cannot depend solely on what the manufacturers say about their canine food products.

This is why you need to ensure you are dealing with a pet food brand that is good enough. To this end, you are expected to make sure the manufacturer does not have a suspicious history. For instance, a brand that has experienced so many recalls is questionable and should be avoided.

Exercise Caution By Using Grain-Free Option

Grains can cause a lot of harm to certain dogs. This is because it can trigger certain allergies in some. So, we strongly suggest that you opt for grain-free options.

The truth is that many (if not all) of the nutritional benefits of grains in dog food can be gotten from other sources. The best part is that you still get the essential nutrients without triggering the allergies that grains can trigger in some dogs.

Natural Option

There are many synthetic additions to canine food products by some manufacturers. Well, some of them are helpful, some are unnecessary, while some are downright harmful!

This is why you need to exercise caution when getting options that have synthetic additions. Or better still, you should go for something that only contains premium quality natural products. We have gathered that such products are better.

Good Taste

Dogs want to satisfy their immediate need for good taste. This is why they have no problem eating chocolate and other good-tasting items that are harmful to them.

This is the reason you need to get them something that tastes good. This will make them interested in the meal. So, it is not enough that it contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients at large. It also needs to taste good.


Dog food1

Asides from getting the right canine food product, create a custom dog food plan to help administer meals to your canine. This is very important in making sure your dog is well-fed.

We have shared some tips that will help you get the right food products for your canine here. We advise that you put this information to good use when the need arises.

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Attitude natural pet products that are 100% safe

natural pet products that are 100% safe

Our pets get into enough stuff they shouldn’t! To use products with added harsh ingredients is not the best choice we can make for them. We can do better. Choosing a brand that focuses on safe ingredients and gives back with every product made is easy with Attitude. This is a Canadian brand and they have a passion for clean products, less plastic and more trees! I am using some of their pet care products with our dogs.

natural pet shampoo

The Attitude Furry Friends natural pet care line includes shampoos, conditioners, grooming wipes, air purifier, odor absorber, detangle spray as well as safe floor and surface cleaners. These products are carefully formulated for your pet and will leave you feeling safer about what is on their coats and the surfaces they lay around. Their pet grooming products are certified by PETA: Cruelty-free and vegan.

best pet products

These shampoos leave our dogs smelling great and their coats are so soft. Maya and Leah are poodle and wheaten terrier mix (Whoodle’s) and so they can tangle a bit on their ears and tails between groomer visits. Quality natural pet products is the difference between content dogs and one’s that get mad at me for combing mattes from their fur.

Visit Attitude to find natural products for humans too, as well as household products. You can also visit their Amazon store!

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Improve The Health Of Your Pets With CBD oil

Improve The Health Of Your Pets With CBD oil

Nowadays, everything everyone seems to be talking about is CBD oil. People focus on research and information about the wellness, impact, and benefits for us, our canines, and felines that come from the new CBD items. 

The popularity of these products has exploded online and through all the animal communities. It seems like these new products are going to be for anyone that considers themselves a loving and caring pet owner. You see advertisements online and outside your local veterinarian office, on radio and tv, so it’s only natural to want to know more than the basics. 

Several questions are on anyone’s mind when discussing the possibility of buying and trying these products. What precisely is the merchandise offered by the CBD community? Does it truly work, or is it some kind of a scam? The most important question by far is, are they safe for pets? The answer to these questions can help calm down potential buyers and help them conclude ordering such items. For more technical details, check this out:

It tends to be challenging to filter through all the marketing material offered to us through all forms of social media and news. Combing to find the correct information about the potential benefits and disadvantages, the questions and things you ought to address with your veterinarian can be tiring. But it is also necessary because, at the end of the day, you are looking for a solution to improving the health of your canine or feline. 

What is considered to be CBD?

CBD is one of several substance compounds that derive from marijuana plants. It is a shortcut from cannabidiol. It affects the endocannabinoid systems known shortly as ECS of both animals and humans. The ECS system is a one-of-a-kind communications system in the cerebrum that influences numerous significant functions, like how the animal responds to a situation, how it feels throughout the day and overall, how it moves, etc. 

Marijuana is an assortment of the Sativa plant cannabis. The primary difference and contrast between marijuana and CBD are the THC percentage found. The THC chemical compound can be found guilty of the intoxicating impact that is related to cannabis. Unlike THC, the oil cannot get anyone high if it is dosed suitably. Having clear dose instructions that are previously discussed with your vet and not experimenting with the products that are not specifically created for pets will save you from unwanted side effects. 

What can CBD help with?

When you extract it from the plant and use it as an oil and other different products, the oil can potentially help with a wide range of conditions that can benefit your pet. Those conditions can include relaxing, appetite, nervous system problems, gastrointestinal assistance, immune system, cancer, sleep, pain relief, and possibly even osteoarthritis relief eliminating the discomfort for our small ones. 

This happens because the oil can influence brain activities and intercept nerve receptors. Using this to your advantage can improve the overall health of your dog or cat and save you time, worries, and days looking for the right product for them. For more technical details, click here.

How do dogs and cats act in response to CBD oil?

Their brain has two different receptors in charge of balancing and regulating the pet’s nervous system, both central and immune. These receptors can influence aggravation, hypersensitivities, and state of mind. Dogs absorb the oil quicker than humans, while cats have slower retention and potentially quicker disposal. 

Felines would have to be dosed more frequently to keep up with more suitable blood levels. But you should be aware that every animal is different and unique, has its personality, and will react differently to the medicine. Suppose you are worried and have inquiries regarding the medicine and how your loved one responds to a particular item. In that case, you should most definitely consult with your veterinarian.  

How to find the right product for your pet and what to look for?

Every dog or cat owner wants to accommodate the needs and necessities of their pet that reflect their current health predispositions. Believe it or not, using a specific oil or not will need to come from extensive research and testing of the products. Even your doctor can’t help you much because the response to the medication can vary. You know your dog and cat the best, so if you feel like some product can benefit your current situation, then investigate further into the topic. 


Like with any product that you find online, be sure to check out the reviews. You can check out a holistapet collection of products, among other websites to learn more. They can give you insights into some of the faults of the items that you are researching. Also, you can research if some of the other dogs and cats had similar reactions to yours, the best products for the symptoms your little one has, etc. Suppose you have a neighbor, companion, or relative that has had accomplishment with the medicine. In that case, you should investigate the website of the oil for further insight. 

Company and ingredients research 

Even though the choice for a product depends on the animal’s general wellbeing and health, medicine manufacturers don’t create the same merchandise. Before picking up an item, you should research the organization and manufacturing process behind the item you’re buying. Investigate their testing strategies, the ingredients of the oil, and their overall procedures. Examine the sources for the ingredients and make sure the oil is 100% organic.