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Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet and People Products

Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil Pet and People Products

I have been searching for quality CBD products for our dog, Leah, after a recommendation for her anxiety and was introduced by Joy Organics. I want to make sure what I give Leah is from the best sources and if effective and I need to give this to her long term, I want it to be quality ingredients. Joy Organics has premium CBD oil and products for pets and people. They are a top USDA Certified Organic brand and use only quality and clean ingredients.

I give Leah the Organic CBD Oil 7.5mg per quarter dropper. She is 37 pounds and I give her 1/4 dropper twice a day. This seems to work great for her. She has been on this CBD oil for a few weeks now. Prior to finding supplements she had training from a local trainer. Together, this has done wonders. Her anxiety is noises and other dogs. Prior to training and CBD oil it was almost impossible to simply take her on a walk. If she saw another dog she would go out of her mind, leash pull and want to charge. Now she does very well off leash. If I see another dog coming, she will listen and heal so I can hold her. She wants to pull as other dogs pass by, but it isn’t insane and out of control like before.

It is so great to finally have the aid of CBD oil along with training so we can help her live her best days without the stress of other dogs, new people and strange noises that would have her so stressed. She can run a beach, leash free. We find a spot that is away from other dogs, but there are others in the vicinity and she is not as tempted to dart off at them and is a lot more mellow about it now. I feel like giving her the CBD oil for dogs really takes that alert edge off so she doesn’t stay stressed in a moment that discomforts her.

Joy Organics also has chews and these can be used as well, but for Leah’s size she would need a lot in a day. She does love these chews though! I give her one on top of her oil on days it may be real rough for her like long car rides or firework evenings. For small dogs, these daily treats are a great option. Leah does lick up the oil dropper well- she loves the taste.

Joy Organics also has people CBD products as well such as tinctures and these CBD Sleep Gummies. All of their products are third-party testing of every batch and they have broad and full spectrum products available. Visit Joy Organics if you are considering CBD products for you or your pet that are truly quality ingredients and well tested. Save 20% with code: PH at checkout!

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Zoop non-toxic pet products help with odor and grooming

Zoop non-toxic pet products help with odor and grooming

Owning pets is non-stop fun, cleaning and preventing disasters. In an almost 3000 square foot home, my dogs will find that small pile of gatherings when I sweep the floors and walk right through it. They will also find the muddiest spot on our grass and roll right there! The other day I unloaded new socks I bought and apparently the plastic tab that holds them together was more fun than their toys and in chewing it- I now have holes in some of those socks that I never even finished unpacking! I have to keep products on hand for messes and coat checks and Zoop non-toxic pet products has everything I need.

Zoop offers everything from coat wipes, sprays and even reed diffuser to help with pet odors that linger. Their products are made with nontoxic ingredients and are safe for pets, humans and the environment. Zoop formulas actually work whether you need large towel wipes for a whole dog wipe down or grooming wipes for eye gunk and dirty paws. They are unscented, hypoallergenic and pH balanced for dogs and cats.

I love some of their new pet products for home such as the diffusers and candle. No harsh chemicals and clean burning, the Zoop candle uses a fast-acting nano tech formula to neutralize and eliminate odors.

I divide my stock for our home and RV. Whether in the backyard or out camping, I have immediate access to safe grooming sprays and wipes to keep them (and my space) clean. Shop Zoop pet products and bundles today and don’t forget extra for traveling!

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Dawg Butter is peanut butter specifically designed for dogs

Dawg Butter is peanut butter specifically designed for dogs

If your dogs are like mine, they LOVE peanut butter. It is this condiment that makes medicine easier to give them and treat time much sweeter. But, it’s that word ‘sweet’ that is harmful. Regular peanut butter has sugars, salt, partially hydrogenated oils and mass produced with other ingredients that are not meant for our pups. Dawg Butter is made for the dogs! They get the peanut butter they love with ingredients we want for them.

Dawg Butter comes in other flavors like pumpkin and berry flavors. Our girls love the regular flavor and were hovering around the jar before I even opened it. This jar just has peanuts and honey and that is it! Clean ingredients without the sugars and added salt.

Once your jar of Dawg Butter arrives, you can use it as a treat, kong filler, use on a lick mat for distraction, to hide pills and even in recipes. It makes a great gift for new dog owners and for dogs in training where food is allowed as a training tool. Visit the Paw Power Nutrition website to learn more and order your Dawg Butter today!

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Teaching Your Children to Care for a Pet Rodent

About half a million families own a rat or mouse in the U.S., with rats in particular known for their astuteness and interest in being close to their owners. When you think about it, rats come in a dazzling array of colors—including blue, lilac and mink. There are rodents with curly, long hair, satinny locks that would put any hair model to shame. Rodents are great for families with children as well, as they are light, gentle, and relatively easy and cheap to take care of. If your kids are ready to take on the responsibility of caring for their very own Ratatouille, hamster, or guinea pig, make sure to share the following tips with them.

Choosing the Right Cage

When selecting a cage for your pet rodent, opt for a sturdy enclosure made in stainless steel or hard plastic. Allow your kids to help you choose the color and style of the cage, but make sure the cage is large enough for your chosen pet. For instance, for a typically sized hamster, the Humane Society recommends that you choose a two square feet wire cage or or a 24″x12″ aquarium. For rats, meanwhile, you should have a cage of at least 1.5 to 2.5 cubic feet. If you have a second rat, opt for a 4 cubic foot cage and if you bring home a third rat, take it up to 8 cubic feet. Height also matters. For instance, for rats, the cage should be tall enough for your pet to stand up to his full size without reaching the top of the cage. In general, the enclosure should be no lower than around 1.6 feet in height. To make sure you are making the right choice, consult with an expert and ensure you buy a top quality enclosure your rodent won’t escape from.

Engage Your Child in Research

Your kids should join you on a fun journey to discover more about the peculiarities of your rodent. Each has its own cute mannerisms and habits, some of which may be a little confusing. If your child ever asks, “Why is my hamster crying?,” for instance, they should know that their pet can sometimes make this type of noise when they are adapting to a new environment, when they’re scared, or when they are in pain. Some hamsters even cry in their sleep, as though they were having a nightmare. The important thing to do in this case is to observe if the cry is consistent and/or frequent. A visit to the veterinarian is vital if there is a chance your rodent is in pain. In general, your pet should visit the vet every 6 to 12 months for a wellness check.

Let Your Kids Feet Your Rodent

Most rodents consume high-quality pellets, which are thankfully easy and clean, and which kids can feed to their pets. Rodents have specific dietary needs (for instance, hamsters, mice, and gerbils mainly consume grain products, while rats enjoy both meat and vegetable products). Choose well-reputed food that is recommended by your vet. Remember that pellets lose their nutritional value starting at about three months, so don’t bulk buy. Your kids will also have fun enticing their rodents with chew sticks and pieces of bark. Show your children how to place these items safely into the cage.

Rodents make great pets for households with kids, because they are light, loving, and easy to care for. Enlist the help of your children for every step of the process—including buying a cage and feeding them. Emphasize the importance of research and look up any odd, funny, or interesting behaviors to ensure they are normal for your rodent species.