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Cloth and Bristle No. 001 Household Cleaner has only 4 ingredients

Cloth and Bristle No. 001 Household Cleaner has only 4 ingredients

Last night’s burgers in the air fryer made a mess! I am not sure how the explosion on the oven door came to be, but with my Cloth + Bristle No. 001 Household Cleaner it comes clean with little effort and is safe around food. This is because the cleaner is made with only 4 ingredients – Water, Clay, Xanthan gum, Essential oil.

I can take on the worst rust, lime scale, soap scum, mold, mildew, bacteria, dirt, grease, and more without toxins or chemicals. I drip a small amount on the surface, wet my sponge, cloth or brush and scrub. I then take a dry cloth or paper towels and buff clean. It’s that easy. Grease came off my oven door easily.

Cloth and Bristle was founded in Maryland in 2019 by a woman who owns an award winning residential cleaning company. She wanted a green product that was safe for families, works to clean tough residue off any surface without harm and actually leaves the surface better than before the mess.

You will find a few products in their shop such as the No. 001 and the spray for daily use called, All The Things. They have bundles and smaller product bottles. You get a natural clean for every surface and level of grime that you will feel safe using around the home and kitchen. You can view the science behind how these products ingredients come together to clean so well and naturally.

Visit Cloth and Bristle today to start cleaning green!

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Clean Your Home Right the First Time with Therapy Clean Plant-based Cleaners

Clean Your Home Right the First Time with Therapy Clean Plant-Based Cleaners

I am the home clean freak. I am the odd-ball who will sit on my couch to relax and notice a muddy paw print on a cushion so the next thing I know I am up wiping my entire couch down. I also have a lot of stainless steel appliances so I try not to fixate on the handprints and smears or I am constantly needing to wipe them down.

I just love nothing more than to relax in a clean, fresh and organized room. With all of the wiping and cleaning, it ids important ai am not leaving harsh chemicals behind. I have discovered Therapy Clean plant-based cleaners and not only do the bottles look modern if I leave them out for easy access, but they work great and with ingredients I feel safe using.

Therapy Clean Stinless Steel

Therapy Clean has a bottle for all of my tasks – stainless steel, wood and cabinets, granite and stone, tub and tile and more. I love the cleaning cloths they come with also that I can color code for tasks so I don’t accidentally take a cloth with wood cleaner to my stainless steel or granite. Bonus – they smell great also!

Therapy Clean plant-based cleaners

These are plant-based cleaners made with non-toxic formulas such as coconut and essential oils. These cleaners work hard to get the job done right the first time. Maintenance cleaning is easy after when you want to spruce up the clean effect and leave those pleasant oils aromas in a room. Cleaning is a dirty job and using Therapy Clean makes it feel better and safe. I love the therapy of clean spaces. Visit the Therapy Clean store on Amazon.

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Find Self Care in the TheraBox | Improve Your Mental Health

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Find Self Care in the TherapyBox | Items to  Improve Your Mental Health
TheraBox Image

We all can use some much deserved self-love these days. Perhaps you know someone close to you that needs extra love as well. TheraBox will deliver a box of healthy mind set, self-love products to improve your mental health. It is carefully wrapped and brilliantly thought out with great gifts that makes the value inside one of the best I have seen.

The boxes are stuffed with about $160 worth of products for $34.99 (less if you purchase multiple months at once – as low as $31.99). These are a fantastic way to try before you buy and find new brands you may come to love. I have the box of all things, Cozy!

Here is what was inside my Holiday ‘COZY’ themed box ($34.99 or less a box). Their Holiday Box is always the biggest at around $170 worth of product:

  1. Ombre Fringe Scarf – (retails $39.99) – Brand: AYNIL
  2. Growth Hair Serum – (retails $26.99) – Brand: J & L Naturals
  3. De-Stress Aromatherapy Balm – (retails $24) – Brand: Scentered
  4. Felt Letter Board – (retails $25) – Brand: TheraBox
  5. Beauty Natural, Vegan Tea – (retails $15) – Brand: Tastea
  6. Clear My Head To Go Roll On – (retails $14) – Brand: Clear My Head
  7. Two-Step Jelly Mask – (retails $6) – Brand: Meg Cosmetics
  8. My Truth Journal – (retails $19.99) – Brand: Sara Salam

You can auto-renew and they do not make you go through any hassle if you need to skip a month or cancel and restart, etc. Just log into your account and adjust before your renewal date. That’s it! If you are loving some of the TheraBox branded items, they are for sell individually in their shop.

TheraBox was founded by therapist Ting Jiang. Each box includes a happiness activity meant to be practiced throughout the month (or longer!) in addition to 7-8 full sized wellness items for the mind, body and soul. Order yours today at TheraBox!

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CleanWell plant-based cleaners are effective against Coronavirus

CleanWell plant-based cleaners are effective against Coronavirus

What more can you ask for in a home cleaning product? CleanWell is made with botanical ingredients, but that’s not all. It also is approved by the EPA as a natural cleaner that are effective against Coronavirus. Whether you need better wipes or sprays, CleanWell is made with safe ingredients and has a hefty job of killing viruses well. These plant-based cleaners are effective against Coronavirus in your home.

To make it official, within their website and other articles in press, you will read that, CleanWell Botanical Disinfecting Wipes and Sprays are on the EPA’s List N “Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2”. All products included on List N meet the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 virus.

For the average Mom like me who wants an effective cleaner in my home, I also love the ingredients as they are safe to use around my family and pets. You will not find Bleach, Ammonia, Phosphates, Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances, Triclosan, Parabens nor Quats. Just a EPA-registered, plant-based Thymol antibacterial formula.

I just feel so much better using CleanWell in my home in times like this. I have had my own respiratory issues and to add COVID could be devastating. With products like CleanWell, I am doing my part in my own home to stay clean with that fresh, botanical touch. Shop CleanWell on Amazon or visit CleanWell.com.