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Keep your pet and home naturally clean – Skout’s Honor

Keep your pet and home naturally clean - Skout’s Honor​

If you have felt even a little bit worried about the ingredients that are in your cleaning supplies, especially stain removers and carpet products then I want to introduce you to Skout’s Honor.

Let’s face it, there is so much activity happening on our floors – baby crawling, kids playing, pets sleeping and stains growing! Knowing that the products we are using to clean our carpets and floors cannot harm us, our pets and environment is a relief.

Skout’s Honor products for home and pets are made with eco-friendly, plant-derived, sulfate-free, paraben-free ingredients. Never do they test on animals.

Skout’s Honor has carpet care and pet shampoo products you can trust and they work great! I have had to grab my bottle of Severe Mess a few times. Our dogs love to play outside then they drag that mud back onto the rugs. I confidently clean up there messes with a product that is safe to use in my home. Visit Skout’s Honor to learn more and stock up for spring cleanup.

2022 Brands, Earth Friendly, Natural Products

Maui Vera reef-safe sunscreen is organic and chemical-free

Maui Vera reef-safe sunscreen is organic and chemical-free

In Hawaii, an expectation comes with the sunscreen you use. That expectation is that it is reef-safe. Why? Coral Reef damage is very real and is becoming very problematic in our own United States as well as other nations. Just 1 drop of Oxybenzone can pollute an area the size of 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Now lather yourself up in it and add many more ‘lathered’ bodies into the water and it spreads far and fast. This is toxic to marine life. Until I learned this, I had no idea how much damage I was causing using chemical sunscreens. Maui Vera is a reef-safe sunscreen because it is chemical-free.

mineral sunscreen

Chemical-free does not mean free from protection. In fact, it is a much healthier protection and the organic ingredients are a better option for your skin and the planet. The active ingredient in their mineral sunscreen is Zinc Oxide, a mineral that lays superficially on the skin’s surface reflecting, absorbing, and protecting you from UVA & UVB rays.

You can also find Sunburn & After Sun Gel that also works naturally to restore damaged skin back to its healthy, balanced state when you did get too much sun after all. Visit Maui Vera to learn more and stock up as Winter comes to an end.

2022 Brands, Natural Products

Verve Culture Moroccan Blankets are hand dyed with natural cotton

Verve Culture Moroccan Blankets are hand dyed with natural cotton

The handira, or (Moroccan) wedding blanket can be detailed with sequins, tassels, braids and pompoms. Now Verve Culture has a simple version anyone can enjoy made of natural cotton and hand dyed. Just look at the detail in this blanket! Hopefully I can do it some justice in photos. Seeing and feeling this blanket in real life is something special.

Moroccan blanket

This is the the Moroccan Blanket in rose pink, but there are 4 other color choices. This blanket is hand dyed and  softens with age and care. Can you see the gold accents? These flecks of metallic fiber that run through the fabric catch the light and twinkle.

hand dyed

The large pompoms are a touch of fun when draped on a couch, chair or blanket ladder. When the blanket arrives there is a bit of coarseness to them, but it will soften in time with use. These make great gifts that arrive packaged and wrapped to look elegant and classy.

blanket gifts

Verve Culture has more than just cultural blankets. You can find so many gifts for the home and kitchen. Visit Verve Culture to begin shopping!

2022 Brands, Earth Friendly, Natural Products

Cloth and Bristle No. 001 Household Cleaner has only 4 ingredients

Cloth and Bristle No. 001 Household Cleaner has only 4 ingredients

Last night’s burgers in the air fryer made a mess! I am not sure how the explosion on the oven door came to be, but with my Cloth + Bristle No. 001 Household Cleaner it comes clean with little effort and is safe around food. This is because the cleaner is made with only 4 ingredients – Water, Clay, Xanthan gum, Essential oil.

I can take on the worst rust, lime scale, soap scum, mold, mildew, bacteria, dirt, grease, and more without toxins or chemicals. I drip a small amount on the surface, wet my sponge, cloth or brush and scrub. I then take a dry cloth or paper towels and buff clean. It’s that easy. Grease came off my oven door easily.

Cloth and Bristle was founded in Maryland in 2019 by a woman who owns an award winning residential cleaning company. She wanted a green product that was safe for families, works to clean tough residue off any surface without harm and actually leaves the surface better than before the mess.

You will find a few products in their shop such as the No. 001 and the spray for daily use called, All The Things. They have bundles and smaller product bottles. You get a natural clean for every surface and level of grime that you will feel safe using around the home and kitchen. You can view the science behind how these products ingredients come together to clean so well and naturally.

Visit Cloth and Bristle today to start cleaning green!