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My favorite Amazon products for 2024

I recently found myself reading through ideas for gifts I could get over the Holidays. Some people are hard to shop for and I need ideas. Other times, I want something for myself and am stuck on what has the best, authentic reviews.

I do pair up with brands as a Blogger. Many times I am sent product so I can try it myself and the brand hopes I will share. I am very particular who I partner with. I want to find brands that I would truly consider myself. I want brands that align with my voice in my blog – natural products, makes life easy and quality products.

I decided to keep track of such products I would love to share with you because I love and use these products myself. Not every brand I work with may fit in this post. Below is a list I will keep going in 2024 whenever I fall in love with its use or have a great experience with the brand.

Lotus Bowl Bamboo Salad Set

Why I love this? I meal prep for work lunches and this bowl is actually big enough! It has a design that is not bulky at all, but gives a depth that allows my ingredients to mix well. Plus I seem to get compliments on it every time I use it places.

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Stur Natural Water Enhancers

Why I love this? It is my goal to drink more water, but I am just not motivated to drink water. I have found it much easier if I can add flavor, so I found Stur. There are no extra calories, no added sugars and are considered keto-friendly! A little goes a long way! P each is my favorite! I also use their electrolyte varieties.

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Aloederma 99% Aloe Vera

Why I love this? I have been stuck where I either burn myself in the sun or even cooking and have nothing on hand to relieve that burn. Aloderma has many aloe products ( I also use their Brightening Moisturizer) that contains aloe. This particular product is what you want on hand for sunburn relief- trust me!

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Mozy Wearable Blanket

Why I love this? OK- this might be my absolute new favorite. This blanket for my legs traps heat so well that I need more than one! I need one I keep for outdoor sports events, hiking, camping and even backyard get togethers. It stays on! You can even collect velcro patches to personalize your blanket!

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Burlap & Barrel Spices

Why I love this? I love to grill and I have tried so many spice brands. Sometimes I find a brand and notice that when I use their spices, I get better compliments on the meal. Burlap & Barrel brings me some of those best compliments. Their spices are so fresh and from the finest sources. My favorite – Black Lime & Chili Salt blend!

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Fit + Fresh Cooler Bags

I LOVE this bag. Not only is it large, with extra external storage but the hard liner is removable for easy cleaning and leak proof features! You will love these cooler bags for picnics, outdoor games and camping!

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Reduces plastic waste in your home with Canary Products

This photo above is equivalent to 4 moths of toothpaste and 14 bottles of hand soap! Imagine all the plastic waste any other way?! Canary is the brand for families who want to reduce plastic waste and also want to use natural ingredients from soaps and toothpastes made in the USA.

Canary Toothpaste Tablets come in flavors you love for mouth care. 240 count packs would last about 4 months at 1-2 a day. 1 a day is all that is needed for a clean mouth, but 2 gives you an extra foamy brush if that is your desire. These tablets are easy to use- just chew-brush-rinse out. I like to give a xylitol reminder that you will need to keep these safe from pets so they also come in a glass jar with lid for better storage. Xylitol is the natural sweetener used- great for humans. The bag is compostable so there is zero waste involved.

The Canary Foaming Hand Soap set is my new favorite. The scents are all the ones you want for your bathroom and hands and the waste is so little! You get a glass bottle that is reusable and then just buy the soap bars. All you do is break up a bar a bit, add warm water and walk away. In about an hour, the bar has dissolved and you have foaming hand soap. The soap does not contain any no parabens or sulfates and are free from harmful chemicals.

All Canary products are vegan and cruelty-free. You get to save space in your toiletry cupboard, use a lot less waste and get a naturally clean YOU! Shop Canary and make the better eco-friendly choice for everyday body products. You will love them as much as I do! Sign up for emails on their website and get a 15% off coupon! They ship for free over only $32 and there are subscription options too.

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VitaSea Mineral-based Suncare Products

VitaSea Mineral-based Suncare Products

When it comes to sunscreen, perhaps running to the nearest retailer and looking for a bottle of a high SPF that’s a decent price has been your go-to strategy on deciding what to buy. I can’t remember the last time I shopped for sunscreen like this. Many sunscreens actually have harsh chemicals and not just harsh on your skin, especially after a day in the sun, but harsh on the environment as well. Brands like VitaSea are what I seek out and they really won’t break your bank either! If I am going to lather a sunscreen on my skin for hours a day then step into the water with sea life or other swimmers, I make sure the decision is a responsible one.

The first place to start is looking for mineral-based sunscreens and ones with ingredients that are clean and have added nutrients for your skin. For example, VitaSea is mineral-based and uses kelp and Vitamin E & C. These are fantastic ingredients for sun-tired skin of all types. Their lotion goes on so light and rubs in very well.

Why mineral-based sunscreens? If it is not mineral-based then it is chemical-based. The active ingredient in most mineral sunscreen is non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These are best for the skin and have the least impact on reefs and marine life. The added sea kelp is very sustainable and has great skin nutrients. Make sure you know what is in your sunscreen before committing to using it as much as you will this year. You can learn more about VitaSea by visiting their website.

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Fab Slabs natural antibacterial cutting boards

Fab Slabs natural antibacterial cutting boards

What makes these Fab Slab boards unique is that they are crafted from high-quality Camphor Laurel trees, a type of timber that is naturally and permanently antibacterial. When my board arrived, I could smell the antibacterial properties. Although you can smell the camphor laurel, it has never affected the taste of my food. There is no doubt this board is of quality and a natural source. Their NATA-approved lab even shows that boards used for the past 7-10 years still showed zero bacteria growth! That is amazing! I love sustainable products and these are beautiful.

I grab my board almost daily! Whether I am prepping for burger night, meal planning or need a serving board I love the properties of this board and why would I use a board that does not have the antibacterial benefits like my Fab Slab cutting board? Because these antibacterial cutting boards are hand-crafted, no two boards will be exactly the same.

Caring for these boards as easy as washing it with hot soapy water after each use. If it starts to look dry you can use an edible oil like avocado or grape seed oil to grease it. You should not leave it out in the sun, in water or put in the dishwasher. Other than that, you can use your board, hand-wash, dry and put it away.

These boards make great gifts and are so beautiful. Shop their designs today at Fab Slabs.