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New De-Stress Line from Kiss My Face Inspires Calmness

New De-Stress Line from Kiss My Face Inspires Calmness

When you want a body product that not only nourishes your skin without harsh chemicals and also gives your senses a boost with botanical-based ingredients, Kiss My Face has a new line to help. De-Stress is this new line of soaps, washes and lotions meant to do a whole body rejuvenation. Just like my love of naturally scented cleaning products for my home to help me smell and see clean results, I love lotions that do the same for my whole body. I want to moisturize, but also love the scents that remind me of clean, hydrated skin. Kiss My Face has been using clean ingredients long before the boost in consumer demand- since 1980! Adding the benefits of ashwagandha and hemp seed oil is the base for this De-Stress line of products.

Ashwagandah has so many benefits to your skin! It is excellent for acne-prone skin, and the roots have great moisturizing properties to not only moisten skin but retain the moisture as well. It is a great rejuvenator and has calming properties to help induce a peaceful sleep. Hemp Seed Oil has great anti-inflammatory benefits and encourages hydration of the skin without clogging your pores. It also helps to prevent free radical damage with anti-aging properties.

de-stress soap
  • De-Stress 2-in-1 Body Wash and Bath Soak – with soothing rhodiola rosea and hemp seed oil and ashwagandha. It comes in soothing Lavender + Ylang Ylang or Cedarwood + Bergamot.
  • De-Stress Hand and Body Lotion contains the same key ingredients for superior moisture retention and comes in fragrance free, Olive + Aloe or Lavender + Ylang Ylang.
  • De-Stress Bar Soap is also Infused with rhodiola rose and hemp seed oil as well as adaptogenic ashwagandha and marshmallow root for gentle, soothing cleansing. It is available in a refreshing Orange + Grapefruit and calming Neroli + Gardenia.
  • De-Stress Body Butteris the bar soap for excellent moisturization. The ylang ylang oils bring a relaxing aura to the mix and promote restful sleep.

Keep a look out for these De-Stress products or order yours today on Amazon and on the Kiss My Face website.

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Melabébé effective plant-based moisture care for baby’s dry skin

Melabébé effective plant-based moisture care for dry skin

Melabébé is described as plant-based, inclusive and just for kids. This moisture care brand is for any skin-type that needs extra moisture, but especially for melanin-rich kids. This cream is effective for dry skin, eczema, hyperpigmentation, or scarring, relief needs to be effective and calming, especially for babies. Even as a Mom, I dip my fingers in to use on my hands for extra hydration.


You will find creams and body washes on their website. I use the Melabebe’s Protect: All-in-One Deep Hydration Crème good for all skin types in all seasons. It all started with Kelli, a mom of color, when she formulated clean, moisture-rich skincare initially to help nurture her baby’s sensitive skin. Now, it is used by all ages because it is safe enough for baby!

skin cream

All Melabebe products are manufactured and packaged in the United States. The cream offers a nice thick consistency that absorbs well and leaves no greasy residue at all. Melabebe products are free from synthetic chemicals, parabens, sulfates, phthalates and other products that may disrupt hormonal balance. They are eco-friendly, gentle, irritation-free, and non-toxic. Best for Baby…and Mom! Shop the Melabebe website and learn more.

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Mouina Haircare has clean hair care products with organic ingredients

Mouina Haircare has clean hair care products with organic ingredients

In Arabic, ‘Mounia’ means “a wish fulfilled.” This line of clean hair care products does everything you need hair care to do without unnecessary ingredients. They don’t just care about what goes into their products, they care about the effect it could leave on the environment. So, they leave out the toxic and only include organic ingredients. So far, all 3 products I use are working so well for my hair.

I have fine, straight hair and living in the Pacific Northwest it dries our very easily. It was a very hot end of summer and we are still breaking heat records this time of the year. We have had a new muggy feeling in our air lately and my skin and hair are suffering – perhaps in a bit of shock. I have been using the Hair Care System

  • Two Drop” Serum – with organic Argan and Prickly Pear Seed Oil
  • Rinse – with Organic Aloe Vera and Rhassoul Clay, Rose and Pomegranate Oil
  • Condition – with organic Cumin and Flax Seed Oil and Biotin

Mounia haircare line repairs damaged keratin and protects your hair from further damage. It’s all the science they use – a patented polymer technology. It is all explained in their backed by science page here. Shop Mounia today for smoother, less damaged hair!

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Earth Kiss vegan, certified organic Kombucha-based face masks

Earth Kiss takes your beauty both inside and out and allows you to feel the ultimate self-care. When we use beauty products that promote nutrients from nature’s bountiful array of plants, herbs, soils, and seeds, we feel better about ourselves and the sake of our environment.

The ingredient list of Earth Kiss face masks are 100% vegan, eco-ethical and cruelty-free. I have been experiencing their newest line, The Supernatural Range. This line of face masks use an array of superfoods and nutrients and are Kombucha-based masks that re-energize and elevate your skin’s overall tone, texture and appearance.

Included in The Supernatural Range

  • Kombucha + Charcoal Exfoliating Mask: kombucha, walnut-shell powder and charcoal powder
  • Kombucha + Hemp Clay Toning: kombucha, aloe vera, hemp seed oil
  • Kombucha + Turmeric Detoxifying Mask: kombucha, turmeric root extract, dead sea salt
  • Kombucha + Shitake Purifying Mask: kombucha, willow bark, shitake mushroom
  • Kombucha + Spirulina Hydrating Mask: kombucha, spirulina powder, dead sea salt

Find Earth Kiss masks on Amazon UK and ships to the US. Visit Earth Kiss to learn more. They make great stocking stuffers!