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7 Reasons Why Music Is Important For Kids (And How To Get Them Into It)

As parents, we all want what is best for our children. We want to ensure that their mental, physical and emotional well-being is all developing strength as they grow. For the most part, kids will find their own way towards enjoying music, especially in their teenage years – although, as parents, we may not always favor their tastes! But learning how to play an instrument is where the real developmental benefits lay. Here’s why music is important for kids.

7 Reasons Why Music Is Important For Kids (And How To Get Them Into It)
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1. It improves their brainpower

The health benefits of music for children have been scientifically proven, and one particular benefit is in the improvement of their overall brainpower and memory capabilities. According to a 2016 study conducted by the Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California, musical experiences in childhood can accelerate brain development, particularly when it comes to reading skills and the acquisition of language. It is widely understood that music helps to stimulate the parts of the brain that are responsible for math, reading and even emotional development. 

Different instruments have been shown to offer specific benefits, too. For example, studies have shown that drumming develops the motor planning functions of the brain, essentially allowing for quicker and more efficient exchanges of information between the hemispheres of the brain. When it comes to playing the piano, one of the primary benefits is strengthening the brain’s capacity for split concentration – reading music, using both hands and working the pedals is a lot to do at once and significantly sharpens multitasking and concentration skills.

2. It can build their confidence

Particularly if you have a timid child or one who seems low in self-confidence, learning how to play an instrument can be very helpful. Once they realize that they can successfully develop a skill on their own, it can really boost their confidence and improve their belief in themselves and in what is possible. Furthermore, as their diligence results in even more improvement, both their confidence and their sense of self-determination can grow.

3. It can inspire creativity

Musicians are arguably some of the most creative people out there, and with music, there are also a variety of creative paths to take. Whether your child sticks to playing one instrument or several, or perhaps becomes interested in lyric writing or audio production – the options are vast and exploring one’s inner creative streak is celebrated. This can significantly benefit them as they grow into dynamic, artistic, and/or entrepreneurial adults.

4. It can help them to develop social skills

It’s common for children to experience challenges when it comes to adapting socially and as parents, it’s therefore prudent to encourage extra-curricular activities that promote socialization. Many music-based activities involve group work – choirs, school bands etc., all have a wonderful sense of collaboration and cooperation. These experiences help children to develop social skills – in how they relate to others, to both work under and assume leadership and discipline, as well as how to enjoy and appreciate team-based achievements and rewards.

5. It teaches them discipline

Successfully acquiring a musical skill requires discipline and lots of patience. They will need to practice regularly whether they always like it or not, especially when it comes to a group relying upon their improvement. This teaches children the importance of following through and recognizing that, in order to improve, they must put the time and effort in.

6. It is great for self-expression

Self-expression is vital in nurturing a sense of self, of creativity, of enhanced communication skill, and even a strong sense of identity. It is so important to foster a great sense of expressive freedom in children to ensure that they grow into more self-assured and expressive adults. For children who exhibit signs of overt shyness, music can be particularly freeing and beneficial in giving them new ways with which to open up. 

7. It teaches them patience

Working within any group or band requires patience. If your child is involved with a choir or other musical group, they will have to regularly wait patiently for either the leader to signal them to play, or for other group members who interrupt with challenges or questions. Through these experiences, they will learn not only the virtues of patience, but also what wonderful outcomes are possible when everyone works together patiently.

How to get your child involved in music

So, we’ve established all the wonderful benefits, but how do we get our children interested in music? 

Buy an instrument and set up some lessons – there is no guarantee that they will fall in love with that particular instrument, but if you show interest and make it fun and inclusive it’s quite possible. Make sure the instrument is child-friendly though, as some will require smaller versions, like junior drumming sets, for example.

Find the right teacher – this can be harder than it sounds, but it’s so important to keep children engaged long-term by ensuring that their teacher is a good fit for them and one who can keep it engaging and fun.

Make music a way of life – you may not be a musician yourself, but that doesn’t stop you from playing a variety of music, dancing, singing and taking your children to watch live music!

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NEW Firefly Kids Holiday Smile Kits Available

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NEW Firefly Kids Holiday Smile Kits Available

This gift idea is perfect for the kids who love L.O.L. Surprise!, Baby Shark, and SpongeBob. Firefly has their new Kids Holiday Smile Kits available in these favorite characters. They are great Holiday items as perhaps it is time to change out those toothbrushes anyway.

Holiday Smile Sets each include:

  • 1 powered Clean N’ Protect Toothbrush with antibacterial cap
  • 1 Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste with a FREE mystery prize
  • 1 oral care Travel Kit (1 manual toothbrush with suction cup, 1 toothbrush cap, 4 flossers)

The travel kits are great for the RV or overnight trips. The toothpaste has great flavors kids will love.

These Firefly Holiday Smile Kits are available at Walmart for $9.88! Visit Walmart and add one to your next shopping cart. You can also visit Firefly online.

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The Goodtimer is the Good Behavior Reward Tool for Families

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The Goodtimer is the Good Behavior Reward Tool for Families

It is so simple and genius, the Goodtimer is a good/bad behavior tool for ages 3-10. Everything you need is in the kit and it interactively hands out a good behavior reward system via tokens. I am happy to share more with you as you consider gifts for families who especially are home together during COVID and may need a behavior tool like this.

Step one is to find a central location for your Goodtimer and plug it in then gather the kids to read the included book. It tells the story of this timing tool and its maker and how to make him work for your family.

As you read the book you come to pages you will complete – a page to write down rules for your home (not hit sibling, pick up toys after play, remember to brush teeth, etc..) and then a sheet to divvy up rewards (eg, 2 token = extra TV time…). Load your tokens into the Goodtimer and you are ready to promote and earn a good behavior reward.

When you first turn on Goodtimer (the quick start guide helps explain all of the buttons/features) it will give a cute (child) voice hello and LED green light #1 illuminates like my photo below in this post. You will choose a level 1-10 (1 is an 8 hour, 10 is 12 hours) and that is a time that a token can be released unless it spent a lot of time upside down!

What does it mean to be upside down? This means that as long as they are behaving your Goodtimer is up and on. If they break a rule or misbehave you would ask them to go turn Goodtimer upside down. This means it is not counting down towards a token at the point. To get the timer back up and running they should correct their behavior quickly so they can go turn Goodtimer right side up again and start earning again. Tokens are stored in the attachd tower and cannot be retrieved until Goodtimer releases one based on the level set.

Keeping track of progress along the way each day is easy. Goodtimer has the green LED (like above) and the more lights around the unit (360 degrees around until fully lit) releases a token. Also, as time moves on with good behavior and it adds more light, Goodtimer also gives an encouraging voice command – it will encourage your child to keep up the good behavior and that they have lit Goodtimer up a bit more and are closer to a token release.

What is really fun is that they will just be going about their day and when having a good day or in a good moment they will hear Goodtimer talk to them. It gives subtle reminders throughout the day that Goodtimer is “counting their good moments” and that they are still on track for a token.

Goodtimer is currently on sale! Hurry! The original retail price is $129.95 and if you press the orange triangle in the upper left corner of their website to sign up for emails you will save 25%. They also do flash sales so make sure you follow their FB page and you will see flash alerts! As I write this they are offering it at $48!! Keep your eye open and sign up for emails and follow them because every home needs a Goodtimer! Visit Goodtimer to order today!

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Ideas for Throwing Your Kids a Fortnite Party

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Throwing kids parties for birthday, milestones or graduations is a bittersweet event. It is sweet in that we love to make our child’s day as special as possible but bitter when we can’t find all we need for easy party planning.

Sometimes you have to get creative and make your own decor and that takes time and worst of all, creativity which I actually lack more times than not. Perhaps those moments I pretended I was interested in the game of Fortnite so I can play with my son and get to know his favorite game will pay off now!

Ideas for Throwing Your Kids a Fortnite Party
Ideas for Throwing Your Kids a Fortnite Birthday Party

Because I know what a supply drop is and impulse grenades are I can easily improvise. The best part is when you improvise with cheap items like snacks and balloons it is easily affordable to create a themed party. Buying it already done is nice, but I found out that by taking a day to create DIY pieces saved me a lot of money.

It is the hottest game right now for boys (and girls too): Fortnite! Have you tried looking for licensed birthday party decor? It hardly exists so when Anthony wanted a Fortnite party I took to Google and Pinterest for ideas on how to pull it off and it was a hit!

I lined the Supply Drop favor bags across my entertainment center and hung balloons in blue and black to spell out Fortnite. I tried to find plain yellow balloons where I was because when the drop shipments happen in games it is a yellow balloon that drops them so that is the best color to pair.

VBucks are the spendable points you earn in the game so I made some, used a 2″ craft circle cutter to cut them all out and tape to chocolate coin candies.

I just googled some prints and printed out on heavy paper top hang around the house. This Fortnite party is coming along!

kids birthday party

Fortnite Party Planning PrintableKids Birthday Party

You can even google ‘slurp juice label like I did and find this pattern. I can fit 3 on piece of paper to print and cut. Slurp Juice is the revive potion and blue gatorade bottles work perfectly. Their is another potion in the game you can find that is purple if you can get grape Gatorade and use those.

Impulse Grenades and bombs occur in the game so you can get brownie bites (I found a bunch as Walmart and Costco also has bins of them). I used cheese puffs for grenades but popcorn works too.

Simple cupcake toppers where I found Fortnite images and craft cut in circle on hard stock paper with toothpicks. Then to finish the Fortnite party off I ordered my son a tee shirt I found online that reads: Eat. Sleep. Fortnite. Repeat.