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Flip Critts – the comfort of sandals and the security of normal shoes!

Critts shoes

Have you had shoe wars with your child? This 11 year old took his shoe frustrations to the drawing board until he came up with his perfect shoe! These are Flip Critts “Critts”. Carter, who’s nickname is Critt as in the shoe name, needed flip flops that were comfortable but a sandal that also protected his toes. Sone shoes do that, but they left his feet (same with myself from my experience) sweaty and with blisters. Take off the back and you have a flip flop with a croc-style protection at the toes. These are Critts!

child shoe maker

Now, not only are Critts that perfect cross between the comfort of sandals and the security of normal shoes, they made them fun! With over 200 combinations of colors/designs you can get one for the toddler to Mom and Dad too! The one’s I am featuring are red champagne flutes. The design cut outs double as breathing holes. Choosing your design and color combination makes buying these shoes so much fun!

crits design

Critts Comfort

Flip Critts uses Vibram Soles that are considered one of the best outsoles in the world and have always been at the forefront of sole technology. You can climb, hike or just walk comfortably all day in these. The grip allows this and the environmentally Conscious Sweetfoam™ is its midsole that protects the foot from feeling hard or sharp objects.

This leaves the footbed! Memory foam molds to the body in response to pressure. This makes sure that the shoe can support your feet against impact and evenly distributes body weight. I challenge you to find a blister after your day in Critts.

flip critts

How to buy this brand new shoe?

Visit Flip Critts on Kickstarter (they met their goal in 45 minutes)! Because we know and would have assumed anyway that this shoe would be a hit, you get the deal that Kickstarter campaigns offer.

Head to Flip Critts Kickstarter page and click that green Back this Product button. Choose your Pledge Reward and once the campaign ends you will pick your design/color and product will arrive at launch- around November 2020. With this Kickstarter campaign you can get a pair of Critts that will retail at $65 for $40! This campaign will save you so don’t wait. This campaign ends July 19, 2020. They should be to you in time for the Holidays! Visit Critts today!

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Kickstarter Deals with Finesse Fitness SomaSole Bundle – Giveaway

I have partnered with Finesse Fitness for this giveaway

Kickstarter Deals with Finesse Fitness SomaSole Bundle - Giveaway

Welcome to the Finesse Fitness SomaSole Bundle Giveaway

If your excuse for not getting to the gym has been time or travel or even the kids needs then you officially have no excuse! It’s July and if you are falling behind o that resolution you made to get to the gym more, you only have half a year left and you can still make good on that self goal with Finesse Fitness.

SomaSole gives you the resistance training your body needs with no fear of bands slipping from under your feet or frames coming lose from door jams. These bundles are made with safety as well as gym-like stretching, strength building and dynamic exercises, anywhere, anytime.  It is with bands using your own body and a specific link system as well as other accessories for floor workouts that really get your core in shape.

Whether you need that true at-home gym system (the Duffel) or a go-anywhere travel system such as for hotel rooms (the Backpack) excuses are no more! The best part is that Finesse Fitness is running a Kickstarter campaign and we all know the best bindle deals are on these specific campaigns.

Here is some information about this Finesse Fitness SomaSole Kickstarter campaign:

Finesse Fitness has introduced their line of portable, total body workout bundles housed in either a custom-designed backpack or duffel. Built to fit anyone’s lifestyle or fitness level, the bundles consist of meticulously designed equipment created with high-quality and durable materials.  To provide the full workout experience, Finesse Fitness bundles come with a mobile app platform where users can download or stream workouts, connect with their trainer, plan workouts, and give and receive support from the community.

A Kickstarter launched HERE with super early bird specials of $149 as well as including three (3) 30-minute* shoot-around sessions with NBA legend, Metta World Peace.

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a SomaSole Bundle (similar to the one listed in the giveaway image at the beginning of this post. Open to US only and 18+. Enter below and good luck!

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Piano Lessons at home with Hoffman Academy

I was sent sample materials for feature

Free Piano Lessons
This is pretty exciting news for parents! As a child and even now as an adult, I never took music lessons of any kind. I was in choir, but have never played an instrument. I think if I were to start I’d love to learn the guitar. My older (step)boys never took music lessons and my son who is 7 has been asking to play piano. Because music lessons have not been a tradition in this family we do not own a piano and without knowing if he will stick with it I can’t see purchasing one and finding the space for it as well. This was a tough dilemma. I want him to learn, but we don’t have a piano so if I were to take him to lessons he would have no way to practice. He is now taking piano lessons at home with Hoffman Academy.

The Hoffman Academy is a full piano lesson design with video lessons and supplemental mp3 tracks, and downloadable activities to review with after each lesson. 

How much does it cost?

Free: The online video lessons are free. There are 6 units total and each unit has 20 lessons. That is a total of 120 lessons for a long-term piano education. 
$19 for the the supplemental materials. You only play for the downloadable music lesson documents and mp3 download files at only $19 for each unit. So that fee covers 20 full lessons in that unit you purchase for. That is less than $1 per lesson! If you purchase all 6 lessons supplemental activities there is a good discount for you so that is your best option.
What will you learn? 
These lessons are so well done and simple for any age to follow along. In Lesson One of Unit One we were taught correct play technique such as hand position and they will touch on posture as well in the ongoing lessons. We learned how to read a few simple notes and what a staff was. We even learned how to play our first song! And that leaves 119 Lessons to go of so much more learning! As you move through the entire coarse you will also learn how to read and write notes, rhythms and how to listen to music and dictate melodies. You will even learn how to improvise and compose your own songs. From Lesson 1 in Unit 1 you will be well on your way to learn and improve basics of music theory, including key signatures, chords and much more!

Who is the Instructor?

Joseph Hoffman has one of the best history profiles in music I have come across and because he has such a long repertoire, let me just leave you a link so you can read for yourself about his music experience. Can you imagine the cost of private lessons with an Instructor of his experience? Oh, wait, they are free on video for us! Amazing! You can really feel his experience in the way he teaches. Head now and read for yourself  About Mr. Hoffman. He is truly passionate about music with this idea of breaking the financial barrier so families can learn music.

My son is so excited with each new lesson and having supplemental materials really helps make that last connection to all he learned in each lesson. We watch the video lessons in the day and review the extras at bedtime together. We started by using an iPad app of a piano because we don’t own a piano. If you own a piano simply place your device above the keys so the video lessons are played right there! We are now on a search for a key board so he really gets the play practice and experience. 

Start today-even if you don’t own a piano at
They do want to add even more, so head to their Kickstarter page and see some fun specials comin in the 2.0 version:

Unit One Piano Lesson Materials Giveaway
The Giveaway:
1 lucky reader will win the Unit 1 lessons-this includes the downloadable materials and mp3 music files for Lessons 1-20. Open Worldwide and ends on 3/8/2016. Good luck!
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Moozi Kickstarter is the Keurig machine for your baby formula

 This is not a sponsored post! This is a shared press release for Moozi Kickstarter

I almost wish I had a baby in my house again so I can get my hands on a Moozi and use it as much as I use the Keurig for my beverage! I know my SIL would love this for her baby! Who wouldn’t? This is brilliant and the fun part is it is a Kickstarter campaign right now and we all know there are perks to your Kickstarter dollars!

Miravan, LLC is set to revolutionize formula feedings and reduce the stress of middle of the night feedings with Moozi, an innovative new single-serving pod system that simplifies the bottle making process, creating perfect temperature formula bottles in under a minute at the touch of one button.   

It’s an all-in-one system that gives parents a stress-free, safe and easy solution to the current complicated formula feeding process. Prior to Moozi being available in retail and online stores in late 2015, the company has created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the product, which began in early November and is available here:
Moozi is to baby formula as Keurig is to coffee.  “As a full-time working parent, I dreamt of a product that would simplify the dreaded middle-of-the-night feedings. I imagined a simple one-button solution with an easy reusable pod that worked as simply as my Keurig coffee machine. And now that dream has come true,” said Miriam Kutcher, President and Founder of Miravan, LLC.  “I’ve been asked several times why I think this is the right product and the right category and the simple answer is that more than 85% of the 3.5+ million babies born each year in the US use formula bottles in the first year. The stressful and time-consuming steps to prepare formula bottles are faced by most new parents and caregivers, so it’s time we had a solution.”

The feature that truly differentiates Moozi from anything on the market is its’ unique patent-pending dry release system which keeps the formula and water separate until they mix in the bottle.  Since they don’t mix in the machine, the channels stay clean. This reduces bacteria growth and keeps the system running smoothly time and time again.

Multiple sensors are in place to ensure safety and proper functionality. There is a sensor in the water tank, so Moozi won’t operate without water. There is also a sensor to control the water temperature to heat to a regulated body temperature setting. In addition, there are sensors to detect that a bottle is in proper position and that the lid is closed. Moozi works with most upright wide-neck bottles and all formula brands thanks to the reusable pods, giving the parent total control over what’s best for their infant and how much formula to use.

Before Moozi even hits retail shelves in late 2015, Miravan, LLC is offering potential backers an advance offer to purchase Moozi through their Kickstarter campaign at a discounted price of $125. Backers who would like to support Moozi, but don’t need one for themselves, can choose the pledge option to donate a Moozi to help a family in need. Miravan, LLC has partnered with several non-profit organizations. The campaign ends December 13th.

For updates, please follow us on our social media channels:

Miravan, LLC is the company formed to bring Moozi to market. Moozi is the on-demand one-button feeding system for preparing perfect temperature formula bottles in under a minute. At Miravan, LLC our mission is to create convenient and affordable feeding solutions for parents and caregivers by designing smart and simple infant and child care products. Learn more at