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Matching Daddy and Me outfits from The Spunky Stork

Matching Daddy and Me outfits from The Spunky Stork

This weekend we will celebrate Mom’s and then Dad is next! Have you seen the adorable matching twins and parent apparel at The Spunky Stork? Daddy and child can become best twinsies or your twins can have fun in their matching tees and onesies.

My favorite was the oak tree and acorn set. How fun would it be for Dad and baby?! The Spunky Stork has many fun designs for Dad and baby such as camping sets, taco + taquito, Papa bear and little bear to name a few. The child sets come in sizes infant through youth XL and the adult tees are available in men and women sizes.

Have twins? The Spunky Stork has you covered as well! When my sets arrived as a gift for an expecting coworker having twins, I was amazed at the quality. They were a hit when she opened them. To say these tees and onesies are so soft is an understatement. You can feel the thickness and these are going to last for many washes and wears. As Father’s Day and summer events begin, you will want to visit The Spunky Stork shop today!

Infant Toddler Products

The Spunky Stork as soft, organic cotton children tees and bodysuits

The Spunky Stork as soft, organic cotton children tees and bodysuits

I know the Holidays will wrap up next week and we will be fresh into 2023! A new year of celebrations, growing families and the next Holiday, Valentine’s Day! Whether you need to start thinking of a Valentine gift for someone or refresh the family closet, The Spunky Stork has adorable organic cotton infant bodysuits and toddler/kid tees as well and some fun Mommy & Me sets!

For Valentine’s Day, you will want to see the adorable tees and bodysuits such as the Love Monster, Mr. Steal Your Heart, and Love Bug. The Spunky Stork tops are so soft and what sets them apart from other children clothing brands is their adorable designs to choose from like matching Mommy/Daddy & Me sets and twin/sibling sets that say Fish & Chips, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Taco/Taquito and more. 

The Spunky Stork uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and has no dyes or chemical colorants. They are made in the USA and hand screen printed. You can find all designs at The Spunky Stork online shop and on Amazon.

Infant Toddler Products

Pillow safety for babies under 12 months

Pillow safety for babies under 12 months
Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

As a baby develops in its first year, there are a lot of exciting new things for them to experience. One of these is going outside and traveling in the car. Some parents may even want to take their baby or infant on an extended trip that requires air travel. While keeping things closer to home, there’s still enough to keep parents concerned and up all night with worry. Using pillows during travel can bring up some questions about the overall pillow safety, both inside and outside of the home. 

How safe are pillows for babies in their first year?

There can be a lot of questions about pillows for babies under 12 months. New parents sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of the rules and restrictions that they hear about. One of these hot topics is pillows for babies under 12 months. Using a pillow in a baby’s crib is an absolute no, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be useful in other areas. Doctors recommend that parents keep pillows out of their baby’s cribs until the child is at least two years old. 

In a child’s first year, there are a couple of ways that pillows can be helpful. The first is a U-shaped pillow that is primarily used when a child is in their car seat. This not only helps with supporting their head and neck, but it can also provide a sense of comfort and security. Many children do not like the feeling of confinement that comes with being restrained in a car or infant seat. Using a neck pillow can help to give them a feeling of safety and relaxation. 

The other instance when a pillow is not only safe but helpful for an infant is when they are learning to sit on their own. Sitting is one of the major developmental milestones that babies achieve in their first year of life. As they are developing the muscles that are necessary for them to sit without assistance, a specialized sitting pillow can help to support them.

As a child develops, their needs will change, but having supervision is always important in the first few years of life. Staying aware of their movements can help to keep them safe. Regular check-ups with a pediatrician are also helpful for the child and the parents. Pillow safety is just one of the important aspects of a child’s first year. Keeping a child safe requires constant attention.

Infant Toddler Products

Tips for childproofing your home

Making sure your home is completely safe for your children is no easy feat. As parents, we sometimes go to extreme lengths to make sure there’s nothing around that could possibly harm our little ones. While it’s impossible to remove every potential danger, there are lots of things you can do to prevent your children from coming to harm. If you’re looking for some new ideas to stop your children from causing unintentional havoc, this blog has got you covered.

Keep your glasses safe

If you or your children wear glasses, you’ll know just how easily they can become broken. Whether your children have stepped on them, thrown them into their toy box, or run around outside wearing them, it’s all too easy for lenses to become smashed and arms to be bent out of shape. One solution to the problem is ordering prescription safety glasses, which are designed to withstand rough treatment and harsh environments. Another is to make sure your glasses are always out of reach or stored safely in a protective case. As your children get older, make sure they understand how to take care of glasses to avoid breaking them.

Check for sharp edges

It can be hard to find sharp edges when walking around the house normally, so it’s important to get into your child’s mindset. Crouch or crawl around your rooms to see if you can find any pieces of wood or metal that are sticking out. Don’t forget, your children will probably be running up and down and not looking where they’re going. If there are any areas where your children often trip over and fall, try to put some extra cushioning in place or get rid of bumps in the carpet that are causing them problems.


Some cabinets contain items that children shouldn’t get their hands on. Whether it’s cleaning chemicals, medicines, or kitchen knives, storing them out of the way won’t be enough to stop busy little fingers from finding them. Putting locks on the cupboards that contain anything harmful to your child’s health will keep them much safer and will also offer you complete peace of mind. Just make sure you don’t misplace the key!

Cover sockets

Children often stick their fingers or other objects into wall sockets, which can lead to disastrous consequences, especially if these objects are metal. If your child uses scissors, they might be curious as to what happens when they put one end in a wall socket. While this might seem an unlikely thought process for an adult, children are curious and often don’t know any better. You can buy socket covers and protectors from hardware shops, which will act as a deterrent to adventurous children. If your kids are old enough, make sure you educate them about the dangers of electricity to prevent accidents.

It’s natural to be anxious as a parent, but your children are safer than you think. Try not to stress too much and take sensible precautions where needed for childproofing your home.