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Ojala Threads reclaims indigenous stories within their products

Ojala Threads reclaims indigenous stories within their products

The inhabitants of Cuba, Trinidad, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico are the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and are the heart of Ojala Threads. The symbols of their products that make up the logos represents their identity and are meant to celebrate the Hispanic culture. Ojala Threads has apparel for infants/kids, totes and gifts and you can shop by logo with indigenous stories.

eco bag

There are several logos to choose from and they range from Taino icons of the people, lands and ‘today’. The logo on my bag is El Camino. The El Camino collection is quoted below:

The inspiration behind this design is the current immigration debate in the United States. The role of wise folk has not changed throughout the ages. It is to them that we look to for guidance… the three kings were that during the times of Jesus. Who are today’s wise men and women?

The face mask above is the Coqui logo. The Puerto Rican coqui (pronounced ko-kee) is a small arboreal frog that’s brown, yellow, or green in color. It is their National symbol. It is said that the frog of legend The coquí was here long before any humans came to the island, so they have the longest history, and perhaps they sing each night because they have so much to say. This mask is much more than a cute frog logo! Wear it proudly!

If you need Holiday gift ideas that celebrate heritage, shop Ojala Threads for gift ideas!

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The Howdy Baby Box positively impacts environment – Unboxing

Baby subscription box

When it comes to subscription boxes, the value is what is most important to me. The monetary value, the value in quality and the value of trying a new brand I may not have otherwise come across. The Howdy Baby Box (ages 0-2) and Howdy Kids Box (ages 2-6) offers all of the value I love.

You get a box full of products delivered monthly that is themed and from women-owned, environmentally-friendly brands. Your child will get a variety from an apparel item, body, activity and more. They are not even a year old as a company so this is a baby in the world of subscription boxes and every item in my last box is so fantastic!

Take a look at October’s Howdy Baby Box. This is the box for babies, ages 0-2.

Toddler tee

This adorable tee came in a size 2T from Rivet Apparel Co. They take extraordinary care with each print and use the highest quality, non-toxic inks. Straight from being printed and handled in their Indianapolis shop to your door without a 3rd party involved. Their prints are meant for future world-changers and do-ers. (value $22)

Bearded beanie kids

Check out this Bearded Beanie from the Cozy Coffee Crochet Etsy Shop! The woman behind these fun handmade crocheted items is about 10 minutes down the road from me in Puyallup, Wa. (value $15).

Monsters book

Five Little Monsters Jumping on the Bed is written by Bill Cotter from Sourcebooks. Sourcebook believe in engaging children in the pure fun of books and the wonder of learning new things! (value $7)

monster spray

This adorable and safe Monster Go-Away 4 oz. Spray from Warm Human is a super-duper extra-powerful essential oil spray. It is vegan + lightly scented with lavender, lime, and sweet orange essential oils. (value $12)

pencil case

This too-cute-to-be-scarry pencil pouch from ZIPIT® is a perfect October gift. It will keep those crayons and pencils organized and ready for travel. Zipit believes that only original and unconventional people who pursue their dreams without fear can make a significant change in our world. (value $8)

bath fizz

FizzBizz has some fun bath fizz collections inside the October box. FizzBizz owners Chalissa and Garreth pride themselves on using quality and simple ingredients that are determined to leave a customer moisturized and satisfied. No messy bathtub or glitter cleanup required with these! (value $20)


This fun Halloween play dough jar is from the JalliePlayCo Etsy Shop. These sensory jars and kits are made with safe ingredients for kids. (value $4.50)

candy corn plush

This candy corn toy is made by a group of talented women who crafts each of these little plushies by hand through the Melange Collection, a collective project in Armenia. (value $16)

Crazy crayons

These Earth Worms shaped crayons from Crazy Crayons are so fun. There are 9 colored crayons that really work. Crayons are a petroleum product, they take many years to biodegrade. Recycled crayons arrive at the Crazy Crayon workshop to be melted down, strained, sterilized and hand poured into beautiful, functional works of art for kids to enjoy. (value $8.50)

Howdy Baby Box

The monetary value makes sense. You get at least $113 worth of sustainable, women-owned and quality products for $69 shipped! These ship out on the 15th of each month. You can buy a one-time box as a gift for $74 shipped and still get all of these great items (or similar every month). It is so much fun to get one box full of different products as a gift. Consider sending a Howdy Baby or Howdy Kids box for the holidays.

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Bring your toddler’s walls to life with Wall Stories

Bring your toddler's walls to life with Wall Stories

If you are looking to upgrade your toddler’s room, consider bringing their walls to life with Wall Stories. Choose from Paw Patrol, Elmo, Peppa Pig and the Ludo collection teaching numbers, colors and more. All you need in some wall space, a box of your Wall Stories choice and a tablet or device for the free Google Play or Apple Store app. Once you have it all ready, simply aim your device at the wall art and start learning and playing.

Elmo wall stickers

The wall stickers are easy to install. You can see that they come in large chunks which makes adjusting and placing them much easier than smaller pieces. The adhesive is removable and repositionable. If you have a silicone-based paint then you know it can be more difficult to stick to. Once the Wall Stories are in place, find the free app here:

Wall Stories

There are 3 modes: Story Mode, Game Mode and Creative Mode. In story and game mode, you don’t need to have the device aimed at the art, but you will for the creative mode.

In story mode every story can be read or listened to in English or French. In game mode there are 3 levels of difficulty: The games will evolve as your child learns! In creative mode children can design and create their own space for play.

Sesame Street wall art

The box comes with all stickers and an activation code. Shop Wall Stories to find a set that the child in your life will love. It makes a great gift for the Holidays.

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4 Tips to Build a Budget-Friendly Designer Nursery

4 Tips to Build a Budget-Friendly Designer Nursery
Photo credit: Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

Designing your little one’s nursery shouldn’t cost you a fortune. As parents, especially first-timers, it is perfectly natural for us to be caught up in decorating our newborn’s first bedroom, as we all want to make it as beautiful as it can possibly be. However, baby items and furnishings can be costly, so it is important that you keep track of your budget to avoid going overboard. Here are some budget-friendly ideas to help you create a luxurious space for your bundle of joy without costing an arm and leg. 

Do away with the changing table

One of the furnishings you can do without is a changing table. Not only can it take up a lot of space, but your little one will surely outgrow it in just a few months. You don’t need a fancy table to change your baby’s diaper; you just need a clean and safe place where your little one can lie down. If you have a spare dresser, consider using it instead. Add a changing pad on top of it and place it near your baby’s crib for easy access.

Be creative with wall decals or paint

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to spruce up the nursery is by applying a fresh color or paint. You can paint it with multiple bold colors or make a statement by applying one bold color to one part of the wall. However, it would be best to stick to neutral colors or use subtle shades to prevent your baby and yourself from getting visually overwhelmed. Sticking to neutral shades will also make your decorating job more manageable in the future if ever you decide to change the nursery into another type of room. Another option is to decorate the walls with decals, as they are more affordable compared to wallpaper, and they won’t damage your walls once you remove them. 

Focus on the essentials

Your baby will not remember the brand of beddings you used or the number of stuffed toys they had, so try to stick to the essentials as much as you can. Avoid splurging on the crib or baby beddings. Try to limit the toys, as your baby may not appreciate them until they get older. You can also decorate a designer nursery with plants to make it more homey and lively.  

Resourcefulness can go a long way 

Babies can be expensive, so being resourceful can help you stretch out your budget. Remember that not everything in your little one’s nursery should be store-bought or brand new. Before going baby stuff shopping, assess the things you already have. Check your unused furniture, and consider transforming some of them into baby furnishings.

You can revamp an outdated dresser into a multifunctional baby storage, just by giving it a fresh color of paint. If you don’t have extra furniture, consider shopping at thrift stores or accepting hand-me-downs. There are also several vendors online, such as Quirky Bubba, where you can buy high-quality, and trendy baby furniture at a fraction of the price of a designer piece. 

Preparing for the arrival of your little one doesn’t need to be expensive. With a bit of creativity, careful planning, and an open mind, you can turn a simple bedroom into a luxurious and comfortable nursery.