Bento lunch boxes from Good Banana makes lunch fun

Bento lunch boxes from Good Banana makes lunch fun

When lunches get crushed and destroyed in bags and wrap, bento lunch boxes will keep their food in tact. When your child hates their foods touching, bento boxes are also a savior at meal time. These fun and food-safe Bento Lunch Boxes in fun shapes from Good Banana make lunch time fun. Go ahead and make the healthy lunches from home!

Look how adorable this Avocado Bento Lunch Box is. They are available in other shapes such as burger, donut, rainbow, unicorn and strawberry. These bento lunch boxes are BPA-free and food-friendly. There is enough space for larger and smaller food items. The latch on the lid stays in place, yet is easy for small hands to use.

Use them for school lunch or packing snacks for the park. BTW, small pouch foods, fold great into the top slot. The boxes are $15.99 and available at select retailers and online at Good Banana.


What Are the First Steps in Creating a Lawn Care Business?

Many people spend a lot of money to maintain their lawns so others can see how well-manicured the lawns are. If you’re considering starting a lawn care business, you’re on the right track. You can expect this business to grow with the rising demand. But, if you don’t know where to start, here are the steps to creating this business. 

Determine what services to offer

Decide which aspect of lawn care you want to focus on. For example, you can sell fertilizers and insecticides. You can also help with gardening work, including mulching and weeding. You may even plant native lawns and other pollinators. Once you determine which business to pursue, you can deal with the other details of your business. 

Check the legal aspect

You might also want to check lawn care insurance costs. After all, you can’t expect everything to end favorably in this industry. Anything can happen, especially since you’re handling massive equipment. You need insurance to prevent liability. Apart from the person providing the services, you should also consider the possibility of a third-party injury. You can also look at the possible legal requirements in starting a business. Even if it’s only a seasonal job, you should still know the regulations. Otherwise, you could be in trouble, leading to your business shutting down. 

Purchase the necessary equipment

Of course, you can’t start this business without the right equipment. You need to invest in a mower, edger, string trimmer, leaf blower, goggles, gloves, ear muffs, and lawn bags. It’s not only to do the job right but to protect the person providing the services.

Identify your target audiences 

You should know who your target audiences are. You must advertise the services too. You want everyone to know that a local lawn care business is available. Still, don’t start anything unless you’re confident you will have potential clients. Use social media to inform people about these services. 

Determine the price

You should have standard prices and be consistent with the pricing strategy even if you’re only running a small business. You want people to feel that you’re not taking advantage of them; hence, the amount must be consistent with the services offered. You can also compare with other nearby lawn care services to see if you’re close enough. 

Start small

You can’t expect many people to avail of your services immediately, but remember that there’s nothing wrong with starting small. Eventually, the number will increase, and you will have more clients asking for your services. At that point, you should start growing your team. Hire people who will take the job seriously. Pay them well to ensure you have the right employees to meet the demands. You may also expand the services offered based on what your clients need. 

Once you’re ready to roll, set up social media accounts across platforms for advertising. You may also use them to receive reviews and comments. Always be willing to expand your business.

Earth Friendly, Home, Natural Products

Natural and Non-Toxic Cleaners for the Home from Lemi Shine

Natural and Non-Toxic Cleaners for the Home from Lemi Shine

I love nothing more than to relax in a clean, fresh and organized room. With all of the wiping and cleaning I do, it is important I am not leaving harsh chemicals behind. If you have felt even a little bit worried about the ingredients that are in your cleaning supplies, especially bathroom and other surface cleaners, let me introduce you to Lemi Shine natural and non-toxic cleaners.

Lemi Shine has bleach-free, non-toxic and very effective cleaning products, which utilize the natural power of citric acid. I was browsing their products and noticed that many have The Safer Choice label. This means that EPA scientists have evaluated every ingredient in their products to ensure they meet Safer Choice’s stringent criteria for safe products. The natural ingredients such as citric acid and essential oils work to make sure you leave no toxins behind as you clean and disinfect.

Lemi Shine has bundles that are perfect for home and the classroom. Browse single products or these bundles to save and keep your home clean for back to school and also read for the Holidays. Visit Lemi Shine to see more!


Wixology Candle Co Candle Vessels Turn into Cocktail Glasses

Wixology Candle Co Candle Vessels Turn into Cocktail Glasses

Wixology Candle Co. had me at candles and cocktail glasses! How brilliant is this gift? The candles have fun cocktail mix scents and once you are done burning through the wax, the vessel doubles as a cocktail glass. Burn. Clean. Pour.

I move my candle around. I love it in my living room but when guests come over I move it near my bar. Find Fresh, Citrus and Bourbon scents. Wixology Candle Co. was started by a group of friends in Lexington, Ky. as a way to celebrate the spirit of Kentucky bourbon-based cocktails. The candles are hand-poured and 100% soy wax.

Mint Julep is a clean mint and sugar scent. The candles burn for 36 hours and then you are left with a 7oz cocktail glass. Make sure to visit Wixology for gifts and home decor.